Why It Doesn’t Need To Be Hard To Find Love After 40

There could be any number of reasons why you’re back “on the market” after your 40th birthday. But those reasons don’t really matter as much as your desire to find someone.

Is it hard to find love after 40?There’s no need to feel discouraged about your prospects at all. There is no age limit for love. If you use your age to discourage yourself, you are selling yourself short. Your options are anything but limited. Never use your age as a reason to be lonely or not to get out there and date again. If you do your part, there’s every chance you’ll find the love you want, no matter how old you are.

Here’s why you might find it easier than you think.



Sure, you might not feel like the most confident of women right now. But think about it, you’ve been through so much. You have experience and wisdom that younger women can’t hold a candle to. You’ve probably been through other relationships—even marriage—and come out the other side. You know who you are and no longer need to care what others think of you. You know you are fine as you are, and they can accept you or you’ll just walk on by.


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His Family Doesn’t Like Me

You’re crazy about your guy and he’s crazy about you. You’re both ready to take the big step of meeting his parents. He wants you to meet them because he wants them to know how special and important you are to him. You might be excited to meet the people who raised the wonderful man you care about so much.

What To Do If His Parents Don't Like YouThen the unexpected happens. They really don’t seem to like you at all. They may be cold and formal with you or even plain rude to you but they are clearly telling you that they don’t think you’re right for their son. Sometimes it’s just one parent who doesn’t seem to like you, other times the entire family, including siblings.

What do you do in a situation like that? How do you cope with the feelings that come with that kind of rejection and where do you go from there?


How Important Is Your Relationship?

Is it worth the hassle and time it will take for the family to get used to you? What if they never accept you? Are you willing to live with that? If you really do love each other, that should be enough—family will follow suit or not. That’s their problem, not yours. If the family not liking you is causing you to have second thoughts, take some time to think whether his family disliking you is the only reservation you’re having about your relationship. Are there other reasons you think this won’t work out?


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Why Some Women Prefer Married Men

Why would any woman in her right mind decide to go for a married man instead of looking for a single guy of her own to keep her warm at night?

Why Some Women Prefer Married MenWell, it seems there are sound reasons married men appear to have more allure than their single counterparts.

Though it still doesn’t make married men a good idea, here is why Mr. Married might seem like a great bedfellow.


He’s Pre-screened

It’s human nature for a man in demand to be more attractive than one who no woman apparently wants. At least one woman has already worked out that this guy is worth marrying, so he must be okay as a partner in many respects. There’s one exception to that, of course, and that’s as far as fidelity is concerned. If he’s with you, he’s not much good at being faithful, and he’s likely cheat again.


He’s Stable

Married men are usually emotionally and financially stable if they are in a settled relationship. Both those qualities are attractive to women looking at potential partners.


He Treats You Well

Married men usually treat their mistresses better than their wives—and, it has to be said, even better than they used to treat their wives before they were married. You will be lavished with gifts, affection and exciting sex. There’s a lot to like about that. Read more »

8 Reasons Why You May Be Afraid Of Commitment

That’s right – I mean you not him! Men tend to be the ones who back out of a relationship due to a fear of getting tied down, but it’s not always the case. If you are having trouble making a relationship last, or regularly make excuses to end things, you need to ask yourself if you might be the one with the fear of commitment.

Are You the One Afraid of Commitment?Here are some reasons why you may be afraid.


You’ve Been Hurt Before

Maybe you thought you had the one in the past, the man you wanted to be your forever, but then it was over for one reason or the other. You’ve been hurt so badly, you find it hard to commit to another relationship. Maybe you still compare everyone you date to that first love and find it hard to find anyone who measures up to him. You need to give yourself time to heal properly before attempting another serious relationship. Rediscover yourself, find ways to be happy on your own, then, when you’re ready, go back into the dating world with no pressure.


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Love Daily

If you want love to survive, it needs daily nourishing. You can’t neglect your relationship and expect it to flourish. Just like a plant that won’t live for very long without water, love will die if you don’t pay attention to it.
love daily

Love is not something you have but something you do!

And if you get into the habit of doing something for the one you love day in day out, it can only help your relationship blossom.

That can be anything from a long and passionate kiss, to remembering to get something from the store he wanted, from saying “I love you” to giving a genuine compliment. The more loving things you do the better. There’s no need to restrict yourself to one!

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