How To Be Happy Single (Even If It’s Not What You Want)

Being single is not some kind of disease you have to find a strategy to cope with, but if you’ve been looking for love for a while, your single status can feel like something you’d rather do without.

How To Be Happy SingleYou wish your mother and your friends were not quite so “helpful” in pointing out that it’s about time you did something about it, and you would like someone special to share your life with, but in the absence of Mr Right, your single status is something you have to learn to live with (at least for now).

If being single feels like it’s something you’re enduring here are some coping strategies that work to beat the blues as well as ones you want to avoid like the plague. You can learn how to be happy single!


Enjoy Your Life

You have total freedom to do anything you like at least as far as having to consult or consider a partner is concerned. So make the most of the time you have to do exactly what you want with your life and free time. Make your single life the best possible life you could live on your terms. Don’t wait for Mr Right to come along to make you complete – make your life complete yourself. Mr Right has a happy knack of coming along for those with already full lives. Decide how you want your life to be, with or without a guy and live that life. Read more »

Do You Feel Attractive?

We don’t always feel as attractive as we’d like to be.

5 favorite attraction quotesSometimes it’s difficult not to wish that we looked like our favorite celebrity or even our good-looking best friend.

Then we think we might feel better about ourselves, have more confidence and finally get the guy or feel secure in our relationship or even just secure in ourselves.

But believe me, you are ALREADY beautiful in your own unique way, you just might not recognize that fact.

Here are five of my favorite quotes about attraction and what attracts others to us. Read more »

What To Do If He Takes You For Granted

If you feel that your guy doesn’t value you the way he should and that you’re putting much more into the relationship than he is, it seems you’re being taken for granted. There’s an imbalance there in that he always feels he can count on you to please him, but he’s not making an effort to keep you happy.

Don't Let Him Take You For GrantedYou have to address this because the situation won’t improve while he’s happily getting all his needs met.

You will just get more and more resentful, and it will put a strain on your relationship.

It’s no fun being taken for granted or playing the martyr. It’s time to redress the balance.

what not to do

If you want your relationship to last, don’t start playing games with him. Ignoring him or trying to make a point by “giving him a taste of his own medicine” isn’t mature and won’t help him appreciate you. In many instances, your man won’t even be aware that he’s taking you for granted, and playing mind games won’t help you to get your point across.

what to do

Instead of playing games to get your own back, here’s a seven step plan you can follow to deal with the problem. Read more »

5 Things To Find Out About Your Date

You’re dating a new guy and all went so well on the first date that you’re going out with him again this week and you can’t wait to see him. Before you fall too far too fast, it’s time to start finding out a few more things about him.

Find Out About Your DateIt’s good to keep the first date fun and flirty, just to see if you click. You’ll naturally find out a few things about each other but not necessarily all you would like to know.

The second to third dates are about the right time to go into deeper discovery mode, though you need to make sure you both have a fun time on every date and not make it seem like a job interview or the Spanish Inquisition.

You’re going out with a guy to see if you like spending time with him, after all, not looking for a meal ticket for life. But if you’re looking for a long term partner, you do want someone with his act together and not a guy who’s got major boyfriend flaws.

Here are five things you need to find out and how to go about getting him to open up without seeming like you’re giving him a boyfriend assessment test. Read more »