Dating Tips: Avoid Mr Wrong Disguised As Mr Right

At last you’ve come across a great looking guy and he’s flirting with you. Perhaps you’ve even been on a few dates.

Is he Mr Wrong disguised as Mr Right?But is he too good to be true? Consider whether you have a Mr Wrong in disguise and whether you need to run in the other direction, before you get too involved.


He’s Still Looking

Your guy may be nice as pie to your face, but even after a few dates he’s non-committal on the phone and doesn’t always reply to texts. He’s giving mixed signals because he’s keeping his options open and hoping someone better will come along. Dump him and let him keep looking. You want someone who is into you, in and out of your company.


He’s A Player

He’s charming, and knows all the things to say to make you melt inside. A bit over-confident and arrogant you might think, but oh so attractive. Can you resist? Yes, you can! Any guy that is this smooth is only that way because he has practiced on a whole heap of women. If you don’t want to be another notch on his bed post, run a mile. Mr Right is more likely to be a bit hesitant and less confident about approaching you than Mr Seduce Her And Dump Her.


He’s Married

There are plenty of gorgeous married men who act like they are still available. They ARE still available – but only for sex. If he’s coy about his status or other personal details – ask him outright if he’s married. And if he is, get real. This can only end in heartache somewhere along the line. Find someone who really is available.


He’s On The Rebound

If he’s still in love with his ex, it doesn’t stop him wanting the comfort of a new girlfriend. But he’ll keep you at arms length and not commit to you, because he is still troubled by what has gone before. Chances are you won’t know this until you have had a few dates with him, but when he starts talking about taking things slowly because he doesn’t want to have his heart broken again, you may want to give him a wide berth and allow him to get back with her or get over her on his own – unless you enjoy being a temporary comfort blanket.


He’s All About Him

He’s gorgeous and he knows it. And what’s worse he makes no effort to make you interested. He has never had to try. His conversation revolves around him. It’s easy to get pulled in by his gorgeous looks – that’s how he gets girls all the time – but listen to his conversation first. Would you be interested if he wasn’t so good looking? If what he says bores you, don’t get distracted by his face and physique, give him a miss.


He Doesn’t Excite You

He seems nice. He’s OK to look at. He treats you right. If you can’t think of any objections to going out with him, but he really doesn’t do anything for you at all, especially if you definitely would want to avoid a post-date kiss, think twice. You may string him along for a few dates because you like having someone to go out with, but if you’re honest, you’re doing the equivalent of “He’s Still Looking” above. Be kind and don’t take anything too far that you know you’re going to want to stop.


He Excites You Too Much

He has an air of danger about him that draws you in. He’s edgy and interesting and you’re not at all comfortable in his presence – just excited to be in his company. If you can see in his attitude that he doesn’t care what other people think, any kind of rules (including the law) or his mother, chances are he won’t care two hoots about you either. He’s bad – stay away.

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  1. He’s married is not a good sign at all, I don’t care what he says! Good tips!
    Joi recently posted…10 Thoughts on Continuing Your Fitness Efforts While Vacationing

  2. Andrea says:

    These are definitely signs to leave “Mr. Right” right by himself. Married and his on the rebound just aren’t good looks…well, none of these listed are really good looks! Andrea visiting from SITS.
    Andrea recently posted…A Man Should Always Love You More Than You Love Him?

    • Ana says:

      If you leave Mr Wrong well alone, you have more chance of finding a real Mr Right too. Thanks for stopping by Andrea

  3. Bellaisa says:

    The rebound guy is hard to stop dating because you want to please him and win him over. Even though you know he is possibly in love with someone else, you still try to convert him to be your biggest fan. I’ve done it a few times, and the baggage that he brings along is not worth the trouble – ever, especially when he leaves you for someone else after you have been so good to him.
    Bellaisa recently posted…4 Questions To Ask Yourself About That Person Before You Date Them Again!

    • Ana says:

      I think that’s our caring instincts kicking in – I’m not sure why they often end up with someone else. Maybe they associate the rebound time with being miserable?

  4. He’s Married !!

    OMGosh, that’s a RED FLAG, babe! X
    My Inner Chick recently posted…Simple Sinful Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

    • Ana says:

      If only every woman saw that red flag so clearly there would be a lot less heartbreak around. A crystal ball would be handy.

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