Bedroom Games To Add Fun To Your Love Life

Laughter, fun and games should all be part of a healthy, fulfilling sex life. If you take your time in bed with your lover too seriously, things can quickly get stale and boring. But it’s simple enough to inject a little fun into the bedroom and kick your love life up a notch with a few bedroom games.

Have some fun with bedroom gamesNow you may think, as an adult, well above the age of consent, you are beyond fun and games, but that’s so-oo not the case. We are never too old to play in any area of life and sex is no exception. Remember, the couple who plays together stays together! Introduce some sexy games into the bedroom and enjoy the ride.

There’s actually more to games than just adding a a sense of fun into your sex life – though they are good for that of course.

Playing sexy games can help you

  • increase the level of intimacy you enjoy with your partner
  • bond with your man – games are a sexy secret you share
  • release inhibitions and try new sexy activities in the spirit of play, without having to go out on a limb and ask
  • spend more time laughing together – always a good thing
  • communicate about sex and the things you like, even if you never talked much about it before – as a result you get more of what you like
  • prolong and build sexual tension during foreplay leading to explosive sex
  • enjoy a sexual thrill (or ten) you weren’t getting before

But how do you go from serious and mundane to playful in bed without your partner thinking you’ve gone mad?

In most cases all you have to do is communicate – you know that thing, talk to each other. Many couples don’t talk about sex and the things they’d like to try. Sometimes it’s easier to talk with friends than the partner you actually have sex with! The problem is that longstanding couples often just fall into the same old sexual patterns, seemingly without any need for words. So you might need to start gently, so you don’t startle your other half, but talk you must. You can’t be the only one who is feeling that you are missing out on fun in bed.

So you have a bit of a challenge – you need to communicate to play but the games themselves will get you talking once you get going – you just have to get the talking started. Here are some ways:-


Just Start!

It may seem obvious, but you can just suggest to your partner you’d like to try a little game playing to spice things up and see how he reacts. Chances are he’s willing to listen. Even if he doesn’t immediately get enthusiastic about the idea, he’s bound to enjoy anything that makes you more responsive to sex. Just don’t make the conversation seem like a criticism of his performance in bed. That’s not going to get you anywhere.

When you are sitting together relaxing on the sofa or in bed at night not having sex, try something along the lines of “I saw this article today about couples who play games in the bedroom. Seemed like fun. Would you like to try playing some games with me some time?”

Bring The Spark Back With Bedroom Games

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Give Your Partner A Surprise Playful Present

Another way is by giving your man a saucy present of a game or toy.

By games and toys I don’t mean the kind of sex toys that can be intimidating to the uninitiated like nipple clamps or butt plugs. These types of toys are OK if you already know they will have the two of you worked up and playing in no time, from past experience. But I really mean things like a sexy dice, board or card game.

You can always try the more advanced toys once you have got the game playing going!

You’ll find a selection of all kinds of games and toys on Amazon here.


Get A Book Of Sex Games

If you’re not sure about the types of games you might play or what you would enjoy, buy a book of adult games. There are several in print to help you out, including the Love From Ana guide “Play! 77 Sexy Games For Two To Spice Up Your Love Life” – available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats from just $2.99 for a lifetime of playful fun! (CLICK HERE for details.)

Play 77 Sexy Games For Two coverYou can then pick a few games you like and use them as suggestions with your partner or give him the book with a wink and say you’d like to try numbers 30, 47 and 53 for starters and ask him what his favorites are. He’ll not be able to resist looking up your favorites and hopefully he’ll get the idea of how much fun this could be.

A few of the games in the “Play!” book also lend themselves to one-sided play. I don’t mean playing with yourself, though that’s never a bad thing, I mean that you could play a game like “Pass The Cube” or “Spell It Out” on your partner and when he asks what you are doing, you can say you got the idea from a book of sexy games you’re reading and see how he reacts.


Use Your Bedtime Reading

As part of your erotica selection (see part 4 in the Bring Spice Back Into Your Relationship series “Get In The Mood with Erotic Books”) choose a book where the characters play sexy games and then talk about what is happening in the book with your man. If you add a “Sounds like fun. I can just imagine me and you….” your man will see that you are open to the idea and happy to get playful with him.

What Do You Think? Anything to Add?


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