Where Are The Best Places To Meet Men?

If you’re meeting the wrong guys or no guys at all, then it’s a sure bet you’re going to all the wrong places.

Where do you go to meet Mr Right?I notice when I go out with my girlfriends, we don’t normally bump into many eligible men at all. That’s most likely because we go to places that women enjoy such as nice wine bars and restaurants, and we choose girlie things to do like spa days and going to see the latest rom com.

There are always men at these places, but they usually have a wife or girlfriend in tow.

Looking for a man is not the object of the exercise when we get together for a catch up session. But the result is that though four of my single/divorced friends have been married in the past few years, they didn’t meet any of their partners when we were out together.

You might think you would have more luck finding guys at nightclubs and bars where men go to hit on women. If you’re happy to get dressed up and spend your Friday and Saturday nights in these places trying your luck, that’s an option. And you will probably have some success if you are seeking the kind of men who are always looking for women to hook up with – and generally a new one every time they go out.

But if you are looking for a relationship, you’ll generally find men looking for something long term thin on the ground in these places.

You Need A New Plan

If you keep on going to the same places, you’ll keep on getting the same results, so if you’re not having any success at finding great guys to date, you need a new strategy.


Who Is The Man For You?

First of all, spend some time thinking about Who you’re trying to meet. What kind of guy is your ideal man?

You don’t have to go into endless detail about this. Just think about the kind of activities he enjoys outside the house and the type of places he might be found as he goes about living his life.


Work Out Where He hangs Out

Ask yourself

  • Where does he work or study?
  • Where does he shop? And when?
  • What does he do in his spare time?
  • Where does he go with his buddies when he’s not looking for dates?
  • Where does he go at the weekend?
  • what does he do on vacation?

You don’t have to think about specifics (like exactly where he works) just about the kind of places he might be found. Then look for the overlap in what you do and what interests you too and start spending more time in those places.

182 best places to meet men - get the guy you wantIf you’re stuck for ideas or you want to know how to get talking to guys once you come across them, you’ll find plenty to get you started in my latest book “182 Best Places To Meet Men – Get the Guy You Want” You’ll find it here in paperback on Amazon and also in Kindle format here so you can download it right away if you like.

You’ll find an action plan there that will make sure you get to know guys that are much more to your taste, so you can make sure this year is THE year that you meet your Mr Right.

Oh – and where did I meet my Mr. Right? He showed up as a fellow student on a computing course I decided to do on the spur of the moment. Some of those last minute type decisions are the best 🙂 And my friends met their guys online (thank you Plenty of Fish) or got to know them at work. Where will you meet yours?

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