Body Confidence: How To Feel Sexy

If there’s one thing designed to make you have less pleasure between the sheets, it’s feeling some kind of complex about your size or shape.

4 steps to feel sexyBut the fact is women are sexy in all shapes and sizes no matter what the media tries to force down your throat about the ideal look for a woman.

While it’s true that a lot of celebrities are attractive, they are far from perfect โ€“ their images are made perfect with air brushing, and they hide their less than perfect bits with clever dressing and body doubles.

So the fact that you weren’t born with an air brush in your hands ready to wipe out a muffin top or cellulite should not put you off getting naked.

The fact is, the man who is interested in seeing you naked is not going to be examining you for faults like a plastic surgeon seeking out his next patient. He is just focused on how interested you are in him and how much he is going to enjoy himself with you.

Get focused on him and totally lost in the moment and you will be beautiful to him no matter what.

First Time?

If he is seeing you naked for the first time, chances are he is even more concerned about his own looks and performance than he is about yours. If he picked you out from the crowd, then he is already into how you look.

Men like all kinds of women. While a tiny waist and big breasts might be popular with Mr. Average, there are plenty of men who like girls who are cuddly around the middle or smaller on top โ€“ and he is unlikely to have picked you, if you were not his type, so don’t even wonder about him noticing your “shortcomings”. They are only faults in your head and not in his. Don’t let them get in the way of your pleasure.

Have You Let Yourself Go?

With a longer term partner, you may feel you have got less attractive over the years, and you may wonder what he still sees in you. But love and affection trump almost anything. As long as you make a bit of an effort for your man โ€“ using makeup and dressing to look your best now and again never go amiss – a few extra pounds or laughter lines are not going to turn him off.

4 Steps To Feeling Sexy

If you want to see how wonderfully sexy you can feel in bed and how much you can forget about your figure “faults” and make them a non-issue, here is a step by step process you can follow to make sure you feel good in bed.


Find Your Sexy Type

Take a look at these womanly characteristics. Note that they cover all kinds of shapes and sizes. You can’t be all these kinds of woman at once but you can be your kind of woman. Claim the ones that are yours. You are female through and through. Embrace that!



Emphasize Your Feminine Qualities

Play up those characteristics that make you feel all woman (whether that is your delicacy, your giggling sweetness or your soft welcoming body) with lingerie to match.

A delicate silk lace trimmed bra and panties in soft pastel colors or a body shaping and lifting corset could be just the thing to get his heart pounding, provided that they match the woman in you.

Take your time at the lingerie store and don’t waste any of it looking at your perceived faults.

If the items are right for your womanly style and they fit you perfectly, he will think all his birthdays have come at once.

If you’re not sure what to choose, or you don’t have the budget for sexy lingerie, I defy any woman of any shape or size not to look good to her man in thigh high hold up black stockings and nothing else…trust me, you will be his kind of sexy woman.

Choose feminine clothes that make you feel good to wear over your chosen lingerie. A soft swishy figure skimming dress and high heels or a flirty, flippy mini skirt, opaque tights and knee high boots may be just right but choose whatever makes you feel feminine and looks good to the outside world.


Take The Initiative

Take your man out, wear your new lingerie and clothes (or your most feminine outfit over your thigh highs for a budget version) and flirt outrageously with him. If you know him well enough, let him know it’s playtime when you return. Whisper in his ear about what you’d like to do to him later. Enjoy your feminine power and watch how eager he is to get you home.


Enjoy The Result

See how much he appreciates your new boldness (and new look) as he peels off your outer clothing to reveal your lingerie. You are guaranteed to feel sexy. Believe me, you are!

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  1. Isobel says:

    What a great article! It’s such a comfort to remember that even celebrities have bad days – and most of them look nothing their pictures anyway!

    I love the image you’ve used for this post as well – a sexy, womanly woman ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ana says:

      Yes, I really believe every woman has a beautiful femininity about her. It just needs a bit of nurturing sometimes to bring it out. It lasts forever too – beauty exists at every age – the essence of being a woman never really fades if a woman continues to nurture it. French woman seem to get this from birth, and the rest of us have to discover it ๐Ÿ™‚

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