Divorce In America

Divorce In America

There are some scary statistics about divorce in all western cultures not just America though the infographic below from dailyinfographic.com paints the picture in the U.S. with startling clarity. My view is that you shouldn’t let the statistics get to you too much. Simply use them as motivation to make […] Read more »

Why You Want to Call Your Ex and Why You Shouldn’t

When you break up with your guy, there’ll be a big mix of feelings and emotions going through you. On the one hand, you might feel relieved, maybe you’re smiling again, and perhaps feeling optimistic about the future. On the other hand, you might be feeling pangs of loneliness or […] Read more »

How Do You Know If He Is Avoiding You?

How Do You Know If He's Avoiding You?

Most men give pretty clear signals if they want to be with you. They phone you up and ask you out. They send and answer text messages. They find time to see you. But what does it mean when that doesn’t happen? Usually it’s for one of three reasons he’s […] Read more »

Falling Out Of Love?

falling out of love

If you realize you’re falling out of love, don’t feel guilty. It’s Okay to change you mind about the guy who was once the love of your life. It happens to the best of us. “but I thought he was the one!” When you first meet a guy it’s easy […] Read more »

Why Love Dies

why love dies

They say that true love lasts forever, but even when you’re both convinced you found “the one”, love can die for one or both of you almost overnight. Was it real love? Why did it end? As every situation is different, no one can give a definitive answer to why […] Read more »

Signs It’s Time To Quit

Sign It's Time To Quit

Whether you’re worried about a relationship, a job or just a project, there are some definite signs that you are investing in something when you would be better to quit and give yourself time to start over. Of course, the longer your investment in something is, and the more your […] Read more »

How To Get Over A Break Up In 20 Steps

How To Get Over A Break Up

If you were ever truly attached to the guy you’re no longer with, you’ll know that breaking up stinks – it doesn’t matter whether you broke up with him, he broke up with you or the breakup was mutual. You used to have a guy to go out with (or […] Read more »