Top Ten Lies In Online Dating Profiles

If you’ve been disappointed by more than a few dates after agreeing to meet up with someone you found on an online dating site, you’ll know that it’s pretty common for people to lie on a dating profile. In fact, studies have shown that around 80% lie about their age, […] Read more »

The State Of Dating And Online Dating Today

Online dating site published this great infographic with some fun facts about the state of dating today. A few noteworthy facts I picked out (there are more!) 17% of US married couples met on a dating site. I think this figure will increase over time, but remember there are […] Read more »

One Dating Tip We Can All Learn From

I came across an article online yesterday that has a hugely important message for those of us looking for love (and probably for those of us who have found it too). If there’s one thing that can make a difference in all our lives, it’s confidence and a feeling that […] Read more »

Speed Dating Tips

Speed dating varies a bit, but the general concept is that singles show up at an organized event where there are equal numbers of men and women (usually limited to a particular age group). You are given a few minutes with each potential match before moving on to the next […] Read more »

Get More Dates! How To Get Men To Approach You

10 Ways To Get More Dates

Some women seem to have no difficulty at all in getting men to approach them, while others find it hard to even get a second look. But it’s not about looks alone. If you are hot, then you’ll get more attention, but you won’t necessarily get more dates or even […] Read more »

How To Find Love With The Right Person

I listened to another interesting snippet today from the relationship conference I have been attending. This time the speaker was Reid Mihalko who calls himself a Sex Geek, but in this talk he had an interesting approach for daters. He said that people who are dating are generally encouraged and […] Read more »

How Soon Should You Date After Divorce?

Dating After Divorce

You’ve been through a divorce and it’s over now. You are single again and might be wondering when it’s the right time to start dating again. You don’t want to be alone forever, but at the same time, you don’t want to jump into something new too soon. How do […] Read more »

What He Wants You To Wear On A Date

What He Wants You To Wear On A Date

When it comes to wearing something to please him on a date, the main thing to remember is that men don’t care about fashion! That’s a bit of a sweeping statement, I know. I’m not normally one for pigeon-holing whole populations. Some men do care, of course, and there are […] Read more »

NEVER Do This After Your First Date. Really??

There’s a debate about this one. The question is should you send a thank you text after your first date if you want a second date? I just watched a video by Rachel Greenwald author of “Have Him At Hello!” who conducted a poll of a thousand single men to […] Read more »