Living Together Before Marriage

Living Together

When I first met my husband we were post graduate students together in the same town but after six months our new careers took us to different places, and it took almost two years of long-distance hassle before we were together again. At that point, we moved in together, then […] Read more »

A Perfect Wedding?

Bride Versus Groom

It’s funny how a bride and groom think very differently about their wedding day. And the Bride versus Groom infographic from DesignMantic at the end of this post sums it up nicely. Why is it that quite composed calm women turn into some kind of Bridezilla once they name the […] Read more »

Top Ten Terrible Reasons to Get Married

If you get married for the wrong reasons, don’t be too surprised if you end as one of the many who get divorced (see this eye-opening infographic Divorce in America about the 50 percent of marriages that fail) But what are the wrong reasons exactly? Here are the top ten […] Read more »

How To Lose A Good Man Without Cheating

101 Easy Ways To Lose A Good Man

Last weekend I came across a Kindle book in my collection of free downloads with a title that made me stop and open it. It was called “101 Easy Ways To Lose A Good Man Without Cheating” by author Lady Bee. With a title and author like that, I thought […] Read more »

My Top Ten Marriage Tips

My Top Ten Marriage Tips

In twenty-six years of being happily married, I like to think I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a relationship last – or at least what has helped my relationship last – no doubt every marriage is just a little bit different. Here are the ten things that […] Read more »

Secrets Of Happy Couples

Secrets of happy couples

I love this “Secrets of Happy Couples” infographic from because it sums up so much about happy relationships in one picture.  I also like it because it makes me think that anyone can have a happy marriage if they follow the guidelines (though admittedly it does have to be […] Read more »

How To Get Your Bedroom Back From Your Kids

How To Claim Your Bedroom Back From Your Kids

Even if you had a nursery from the beginning, or put your child in his own room at an early age, it’s not unusual to have a little one come running to mom and dad’s bed at night or insist on sleeping between you in your bed. But privacy is […] Read more »

Top 10 Times Men Are More Likely To Cheat

Most women would like to believe their man would never cheat on them, and very few men go into marriage or a relationship with the intention of straying. However, temptation is there and often the opportunity as well. There’s really no excuse for cheating, but, given that guys are human, […] Read more »

10 Bad Times To Talk To Your Guy

Although everyone knows that communication is vital in a relationship or marriage, most guys would prefer it if they never had to have one of those serious talks that can be tough to work through. But given it has to be done to keep your relationship healthy, there are some […] Read more »