Body Confidence: How To Feel Sexy

feel sexy

If there’s one thing designed to make you have less pleasure between the sheets, it’s feeling some kind of complex about your size or shape. But the fact is women are sexy in all shapes and sizes no matter what the media tries to force down your throat about the […] Read more »

Passion Killer: Too Tired For Love

too tired for love

Sometimes sheer exhaustion sets in and all you want in bed is to close your eyes and shut out the world including him. We all have days like that when sex is the last thing we need. But if that is the case every night, and you are too tired […] Read more »

Feel Sexy, Have More Sex

There’s some debate about whether having more sex actually makes you feel sexy more often, but, in my mind, there’s no doubt about it that it does. From talking to women, it seems to me that the longer you go without sex, the less you think about it and the […] Read more »

Why You Should Never Fake

never fake orgasm

Ever since man and woman got it together, women (kind souls that we think we are) have been sparing our lovers feelings by pretending satisfaction in bed, when actually we have been left pretty much high and dry. But is it really a kindness to fake orgasm? No, of course, […] Read more »

What Not To Do After Sex

what not to do after sex

What you should and shouldn’t do immediately after sex depends to a certain extent on how long you have been with the guy in question. If this is a one night stand, then you should probably be behaving differently than after sex with your husband of ten years, though in […] Read more »

Get Closer: Cuddling After Making Love

cuddling after making love

Cuddling after making love? What’s not to like? One of the best things you can do after sex is to snuggle up together and enjoy the continuing feeling of closeness from the physical connection you just had. The longer you have been with your partner, the more you will generally […] Read more »

Washing After Sex : What Should You Do?

washing after sex

There’s no doubt about it, sex is a messy business with plenty of fluids involved – and sometimes a lot of fluid if you are are having very good sex! But there’s no real fixed etiquette involved in cleaning up after sex. You just have to find what works for […] Read more »

How To Bring The Spark Back Into A Relationship

how to bring the spark back in a relationship

If things are less than steamy in the bedroom these days, it’s time to put the spark back into your relationship and make it sizzling hot again. In this article series, we explore the many ways you can do exactly that. 1 Find The Time Life has a hideous tendency […] Read more »

Bedroom Games To Add Fun To Your Love Life

bedroom games

Laughter, fun and games should all be part of a healthy, fulfilling sex life. If you take your time in bed with your lover too seriously, things can quickly get stale and boring. But it’s simple enough to inject a little fun into the bedroom and kick your love life […] Read more »