What Guys Think About How You Look

What Do Guys Think About How You Look

Some women get a lot of male attention, and some not so much. If you want to be seen as more attractive by more men, here are some generally accepted male points of view – though there will be plenty who deviate from this, if you don’t want to play […] Read more »

Take The Test: Have You Let Yourself Go?

Have you let yourself go?

We all know that looks count in the dating game – the first impression we make is all important and so we generally go out of our way to look our best when we’re looking for a new partner. But what happens after you are sure of him? It’s all […] Read more »

Mixing Sex And Alcohol? Oops!

A little alcohol can oil the wheels of passion nicely making you more open to sex as well as reduce your inhibitions, but there’s a fine line between a little alcohol that helps you feel nice and relaxed and too much. By all means have a glass of wine or […] Read more »

How To Become More Sensual (No Man Required)

Sensuality is often thought of as being linked to sexuality but it’s so much more. Many of us go about with our senses closed off and as a result we are only half alive. By becoming more sensual, you will increase your enjoyment of every aspect of life including every […] Read more »

Should You Go Bare Down There?

There’s no hard and fast rule about bikini line hair removal, though it’s generally a good idea to trim the area to look neat and tidy at least and not to have a forest poking out from your swimming costume or sexy lingerie. But remove all your pubic hair? Opinions […] Read more »