Will You Be Disappointed By Your Online Date?

If you’re about to meet an online date for the first time face to face, curb your excitement until you actually get to see him.

Will You Be Disappointed By Your Online Date? Want to know more? I just wrote a guest post about this for DatingAdvice.com with 7 Important Things You Can’t Tell From An Email

Hopefully, when you meet the guy, you will have fun, and he’ll be all you think he is. You just can’t bet on it.

If nothing else, it will be interesting to see the difference between your perceptions of him and the reality when you meet in the coffee bar, restaurant, or wherever.

Also, be aware you’re not home and dry after the first date. Some guys make the effort for a date or two, and then the strain of being charming or interesting begins to show, so don’t invest a lot in the idea that he’s the guy for you until you get to know him over a few dates!

To avoid getting too caught up in the idea of one guy, make sure you meet lots of guys in real life and online and you’ll have more success in meeting Mr Right.

If you’re thinking of joining an online dating site, you’ll find reviews of the major ones on this online dating review page at DatingAdvice.com

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