FREE Erotic Books

If you would like to add a little spice to your love life and get in the mood with a juicy read, there’s good news and bad news!

Free Erotic Books To Spice Things UpThe good news is that you can download many erotic books for free from Amazon and read them on your Kindle, tablet, PC or phone. The bad news is that you can download so many free books that you have to be careful you don’t get lost in reading sexy stories and never make it to bed at all!

I suppose the other bad news is that some of the covers, titles and story lines might gross you out rather than turn you on. Hopefully Amazon don’t allow anything truly awful but we all have our limits, and you might find yours lurking among the freebies. But with that warning in mind, why not see what you can find? You’ll find an easy way to access the free books below.

Be Selective

Don’t get carried away. If you just download the best of the freebies – the ones that you think you will enjoy, you’ll have plenty of reading material. There are new free books almost every day. In fact, the list changes every hour but you’re unlikely to find anything vastly different in an hour – you’re more likely to find a newish list after a day or two. If you don’t find anything you like one day, come back and revisit. You can click on the cover of most books on offer and peak inside, if you’re not sure if a book is for you or not.

How to Access Free Erotica

To access the free books, click one of the images below depending whether you use or for Amazon downloads (see below if you don’t have a Kindle or a free Kindle app account for other devices yet).

Free erotic books on amazon.comFree erotic books on

Once done, you’ll find a screen like this.

amazon best sellers screen

A few points to note:-

  • The best selling free books are on the right and the paid books on the left.
  • Even if a book is listed as free in the best seller list, make sure it actually is free before clicking on the link to “buy” it. That means that it must say the Kindle Price is 0.00 and not just that it is free for Prime members.
  • If you ever make a mistake and buy a book you didn’t mean to, you can refund the purchase within 7 days – it’s just less hassle if you don’t have to.
  • Because the prices change quite frequently and freebies finish their promotion and go back to paid, if you find a book you want, get it right away.

If You Don’t Have A Kindle

If you don’t already have a Kindle registered with Amazon or the free Kindle app for your PC, MAC, tablet, phone or Android device, you’ll need to get the app first from here. It’s very easy to install and this means, before you know it, you’ll be able to scoop up a great free erotic book collection without having to buy a Kindle.

Kids Sharing Your EReader?

Be careful, if you have kids who share the device you are using to read your books. To date, there doesn’t seem to be a way to hide particular content that is in your archive from anyone, although you can generally password protect your whole device. If your kids do share, try using a separate device and account they don’t access for your adult content (you can have an app on your PC or Smartphone as well as a Kindle, for example, with two separate accounts), or delete free books after you read them using the “Manage Your Kindle Account” page at Amazon. (You can use that whether you have a Kindle or not.) If you like the freedom to read what you like without worrying whether your kids will see it, it may be worth getting them a device and account of their own.