Get In The Mood With Erotic Books

If the spark has gone out of your love life, because you never feel in the mood these days, then a little light reading might be the very thing to get you back on track.

Erotic books can  get you in the mood for loveIt’s often said that the sex drive for men begins in their pants, while that for women starts in their head. So if you’ve lost your way sexually, you need to focus on thinking sexy thoughts, feeling sexy feelings and imagining all kinds of sexy happenings, even those you might not dream of doing in bed with your significant other.

Erotic books are a great way to kick start those thoughts. You don’t need an active imagination just an author who has already done the hard work for you.

If you have never been turned on by sexy stories, it’s probably not that they don’t work for you but that you haven’t found the kind of erotica that’s right for you yet. For example, you might not find yourself turned on by the type of erotic literature that gets your partner hot under the collar. In fact, you probably won’t be. The kind of thin plot, unsympathetic characters and ridiculous scenarios that populate most male-oriented adult fiction are likely to be just the thing to turn you off rather than on.

Most women love to feel drawn into a story, to like the characters they are reading about and to get lost in the world of their imagination with sex a natural part of the plot. Granted, with an erotic romance, or adult book aimed at women, sex might play a large part in the story line – but hey – good sex IS important in our lives, right? Why shouldn’t it play an essential role in your heroine’s life. That’s really where you want it be in yours, if that spark is going to turn into a permanent part of your relationship.

There are plenty of books around that will give you the right kind of characters, plot and sexy scenes – just the thing to get your mind working in a lustful direction and start the juices flowing in your brain and elsewhere.

How to bring the spark back

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You only have to look in the right places and you’ll be spoiled for choice. If you’re new to this, try out all kinds of erotic books. Dig around in the world of steamy literature from classics to chick lit and see what turns you on. As a bonus, you should also get more than a few ideas for things to try in bed along with your reading, even if you reject a lot of what you read as not for you.


Nervous about looking at and buying erotic books? Don’t be. You’re in good company. Love it or loathe it “Fifty Shades Of Grey” has at least done one thing for women by making erotica respectable. You can buy erotica along with the groceries these days and no one will turn a hair.

But if you want to be more discrete about it, Amazon has an amazing selection of erotica for women. You can read reviews and even get samples of most books and see if a particular book you like the sound of is going to float your boat before you buy.

Free Erotica

If budget is an issue, don’t worry. If you have a Kindle you can even get free erotic books for your device. In fact, if you’re reading this article online, you can get a free app for your device to read those books without even buying a Kindle. A bargain I say. No excuses for not getting in the mood whenever you like and enjoying fantastic hot sex with your man on a regular basis. Click the image below or the following link for the Love From Ana guide on how to find free erotic books for women.

Free Erotic Books For Women

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