How Do You Know If He Loves You?

It’s no secret that men and women express love in different ways. A woman in a fairly new relationship may assumes her guy is not in love with her and it’s all one sided, just because he hasn’t said the words.

17 Ways He Shows He Loves YouBut one important factor to remember is that men often express their love in actions rather than by talking about their feelings – in fact those who come out with the “I love you” line too readily are likely (though not always) the players spinning you a line and trying to get you into bed.

Your guy may be one of those who don’t just come out and say what they feel without a lot of coaxing, time and trust. Don’t rush your man to say that he loves you, but also don’t jump to conclusions one way or the other. Be happy that he’s showing the signs, without hurrying the pace.

Here are 17 signs that show he loves you.


He Makes You A Priority

Once he starts spending more time with you than he does with friends or family, you can be pretty sure his thoughts are turning to love. He’ll show love by putting you first place in his plans, his time, and his thoughts. He wants to be around you and doesn’t mind that he’s missing out on a night with the guys when it’s your birthday or you’re upset!


He Takes You To Meet His Family

It’s a pretty big deal for most men to take you home to meet his family. It means he’s showing you off to those he cares about, and he’s doing it without worrying about all the teasing he’s going to get from his siblings or the questions he’s bound to get from his mom. He’s bringing you into his family and perhaps weighing up how you would fit in. Definitely a good sign.


He Makes You Part Of His Everyday Life

He wants you around and you’re now part of his life. He might ask you to move in, or if he’s not ready for that yet, suggest you keep staying at his place whenever he has the chance. If you’ve got to this stage, you’re probably comfortable there and have all the basics for over-nighters. He plans trips that include you and wants your opinion on movies to rent, things to eat, and other mundane parts of life.


He Includes You In His Plans

Whether he’s talking long or short-term plans, you’re somehow included in them all. He doesn’t plan a vacation without you coming along. When he talks about the future, he seems to see you in it. Even things he’s been planning for a long time, now come to include you – his plans and dreams get worked around your plans and dreams. If he’s really serious, he might talk about having a family, settling down in some way, such a buying a house, or talk about when you’re both “old and gray”.


He Has Time For You

There is no question, if you need him, he’s there. If you don’t overuse this, he will actually enjoy dropping everything to be with you and coming to your rescue. His time is planned around being with you, and he’ll make the effort to make time for you every day even if it’s just a call and not a date.


He Acts As If You’re A Couple

He often uses “us” or “we” rather than “you” or “I”. He will even refer to things as “ours” rather than “mine” sometimes. He introduces you as his girlfriend with no hesitation.


He Asks You For Help

Unless a man trusts you, he’s not likely to be asking you for help and advice. Once he loves you, he might ask for advice on small, every-day things sometimes like which colors look good on him, or he could be ask you what you think about bigger issues, such as problems with family or work.


He Lets You See The Real Him

Conversation becomes deeper once he loves you. He talks about things he experienced, even things he doesn’t usually tell anyone. You’re a confidant and someone he trusts with the secrets of his life. He opens up about personal things and is truthful about how he really feels. You’ll find out more about how he grew up, what’s going on at his work place, what his goals are in life, and how he feels about all kinds of issues.


He’s Hands On

He can’t keep his hands off you. And it’s not all sexual. Of course, he wants to keep turning you on, but he also just wants to touch you as much as he possibly can. He initiates hand holding and sneaks in kisses whenever he can. When you’re near him, he can’t resist putting skin on skin in some way, even if it’s just your legs touching under the table, or his hand resting on your arm.


He Wants To Hug And Kiss

Once a man falls in love, just cuddling you will make him happy. It’s not that he no longer thinks of sex, if anything, that is intensified. It’s just that he also loves hugging you, especially in bed or if you’re having a conversation. He’s spontaneous with kisses and enjoys kissing you often. His kisses vary from the kiss on the cheek to deep, sensual kisses. In bed, he finds ways to show he loves you through making you feel good sexually and cares that you’re sexually satisfied too.


He Gives You Special Gifts

He pays attention to what you like and need, or what you’ve commented that you wanted and goes out of his way to get it for you as a gift. He doesn’t need an “occasion” to give you a gift and will sometimes spend more on you than he does on himself. He might be vocal about saving money, but obviously feels you’re worth splashing out on. In the first flush of love, he’ll actually get those little gifts that just say he cares: a box of chocolates, silly greeting cards, or flowers.


He Learns Things For You

Don’t be surprised if the man who loves you starts to learn new things in order to make you happy. He might learn how to cook for you, or take an interest in your work or hobbies. He might study up on your favorite books, movies, or music so he can talk about them. Men in love often become even more focused on their work – perhaps subconsciously he wants to be a good provider and earn your respect.


He’s Willing To Compromise

Once he falls for you, it’s easier for him to compromise and learn to work things out with you. He’ll want to avoid any kind of friction and will do all in his power to meet you half-way. If you’re also in love with him, this can be the start of a wonderful relationship as you both learn to give and take. He’s at the point where he doesn’t have to be right all the time, doesn’t have to know everything, and is willing to admit that you might be right sometimes, too.


He’s Protective

He begins to try very hard to protect you. He’ll be concerned about your route home, make sure you’re safe when he’s not around, or express concern if you’re out late, etc. He will also try his best to protect you from emotional pain. He might try to hide things from you because he’s worried that you’ll be hurt. Don’t see this as lying, but rather him wanting to shield you from something he feels will hurt you. He might just be wanting to make sure you’ll be alright when you do find out. He will not allow any man around to harass or disturb you and might even get angry if that happens.


He Wants To Make You Feel Secure

He will go out of his way to make sure you feel secure with him. He no longer dates other women and won’t do anything that could make you feel jealous. He’s jealous of other men in your life, within reason. He doesn’t talk about exes or hot women when around you. He wants you to know you’re always welcome in his home and expects you to be comfortable dropping by at any time. If you’re having a rough time, he’ll hold you and make sure you feel secure just by being with him.


He Speaks Well Of You

Suddenly, he’s singing your praises, he’s introducing you as a wonderful, talented, beautiful, or amazing person. He has no problem listing your good points when with friends and will build you up privately and publicly. He’s proud to have you by his side and doesn’t hesitate to advertise it.


He Tells You

Of course, at some point, a man who’s head over heels with you, will eventually tell you the magic words. He may worry what this means and that you’ll start shopping for a wedding dress. If he’s not sure how you feel about him, he could be afraid of rejection. Once a man says “I love you”, he’s putting himself out there and becoming somewhat vulnerable so it’s a big thing for him to say. At least you now know, if he’s doing all the other things on this list, that he actually means it when he says those three little words.

What About You? When did you first know that your guy loved you? Did he have to say the words before you believed it? Please share in the comments below

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  1. Hi Ana,

    I so agree with you – it’s quite tough for a girl to know if he loves her or not, but there are various ways you can make that out, just as you mentioned here. I think the best way is when you listen to your heart and your sixth sense tells you that yes – this is the man for me. I think intuition also plays a major part in such cases, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…Relationship Issues: How to Avoid Them

  2. Joi says:

    Hi Ana! I’ve been browsing around a few oldies…you have such helpful info dear 😉

    I agree with Harleena about the heart and sixth sense but your list is still quite the confirmation! Thanks for sharing!
    Joi recently posted…Birthday Bucket List #24 – A New Group Fitness Instructor Schedule

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