How To Be More Confident In Three Steps

Confidence is attractive to everyone not only to potential and current partners but also to friends, family, strangers and customers. You can get the guy, make a friend and get the job more easily once you have it.

how to be more confidentBut how do you get your hands on that elusive quality? Some seem to be born with confidence and the rest of us just wish we had more of it. But there are ways of boosting your self esteem in leaps and bounds so you feel happy with yourself and attract the world with your new-found confidence.

Start with these three simple but powerful steps.


Find The Gold

If you’re lacking in confidence, you’re probably all too ready to see your faults in stark relief and give yourself a hard time over them. But you’re not just a heap of flaws and nothing else. If you focus on your faults that’s all you’ll see, and your confidence will never get the chance to grow with such negativity constantly running through your head.

I know, without even meeting you, that you are a wonderful combination of all kinds of qualities, skills and talents that make you unique. Do you appreciate who you are and what you have going for you?

Brainstorm all the things you can do and all the things that are good about you. Start with the most basic, such as things you learned as a child and things you take for granted and believe are nothing special. Believe me, there are many things you don’t appreciate that many others would love to have. Then work up to those things that make you proud. Keep adding to your list and whenever you are getting down on yourself, stop and appreciate you all over again.


Make The Most Of What You Have

Instead of spending all your time trying to improve your faults (and focusing on them all over again), do everything you can to use and highlight your good points and strengths. For example

  • If you’re kind at heart, do something to show that kindness day in day out and never let an opportunity go by to demonstrate it.
  • If you’re good at part of your job, learn new tricks so that you excel even more
  • If your hair is your best feature, test different products and hairstyles so it is even more alluring. If you like your eyes, practice applying makeup to bring them out and make them even more attractive and make sure you use your eyes when you smile!

Expand Into Your Potential

We all have limitless potential to do whatever we want in the world but we don’t tend to recognize it. We are afraid and keep ourselves deliberately small in case we fail or find it uncomfortable out there.

But there’s no need to take one big leap into the unknown when it comes to anything you want for yourself. Start by taking one small step at a time when it comes to doing anything new, and you can expand your comfort zone gradually without fear of everything going pear-shaped.

Once you’re used to taking baby steps and can see that pushing ahead into new territory is not so scary after all, you’ll have more confidence and take bigger strides forward so you can achieve anything you want.

Take it further

I’d love everyone who reads this blog to feel better about themselves. I really would. Happier people make a happier world all round and those who love themselves have the best relationships, the best love, the best of life itself really. Working on your confidence is the single most valuable thing you can do for yourself – it changes everything.

With that in mind, I started putting together a series of guides to tackle every issue you may have with confidence that stops you feeling good in love and relationships. Here are the first three books in the series.

Three confidence books

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Over to you

Do you think that having more confidence helps you in your relationships and everyday life? Do you have any tips that have helped you feel more confident. Please share in the comments below

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  1. Chantea says:

    Great tips! I enjoyed your post! This is good advice.
    Chantea recently posted…Looks Can Be Deceiving

  2. Great post. Focusing on your qualities and expanding on that foundation is such wonderful advice! It’s so easy to see the flaws and get ‘stuck’ on those. Thanks for sharing these tips!
    Debbie Deupree recently posted…A powerful 9 letter word to use in your relationship

  3. Tennille May says:

    I Love this every woman should read this! Thank you for the reminder!

  4. Valuable — and uplifting — advice! Focusing on our good side is always valuable. Sometimes people feel guilty doing that as if they’re bragging to themselves, but focusing on the negative is valuable only if you’re taking action to improve. Just dwelling on the negative without action is harmful, not only to your self-confidence and happiness, but even to your physical health.
    (Glad to find you through the Ultimate Blog Challenge!)
    Ellen Finkelstein recently posted…Grow Your Online Business: Day 5 (Ultimate Blog Challenge) What makes a great website?

  5. Love this post! My sister is currently interviewing for her first full time job; I’m going to share this post with her.
    Found you via the Ultimate Blog Challenge.
    Single Mother Ahoy recently posted…What’s in a Piece of String?

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