Keep The Fire Lit In Your Marriage

Love Quote #1 Keep the fire lit in your marriage

“Keep The Fire Lit In Your Marriage And Your Life Will Be Filled By Warmth”

I love this quote by Fawn Weaver and wish all newly weds would really get this message. It’s so much easier to keep a fire lit that is still burning brightly than it is to rekindle a flame that has gone out.

Most marriages start off full of love, optimism and hope – and yet after a few years, half end in divorce. Somehow, the couple forgot to pay attention, and the fire went out.

Sometimes it’s for a good reason, and it’s natural for those flames to peter out. You married the wrong person, plain and simple. He was not good for you. It was all a mistake. Or you grew apart and wanted very different things from your lives. That will happen sometimes. It’s sad but understandable.

But, in many cases of divorce, if the flames had been kept alive, you would still be as happy with your guy today as you were on the day you wore your beautiful dress and said “I do” – in fact, happier, because love with the right person actually grows rather than dwindles over the years, if you nurture it.

A potentially good marriage extinguished – that is the saddest thing of all.

How do you keep the love alive?

That’s a big question. But simply by being loving and giving, and paying attention to each other, as well as having fun together in bed and out, plus supporting each other in time of need, you’ll go a long way towards having a life filled with warmth, and avoid the misery of a relationship break down.

The minute any of those things start dwindling in your relationship, is the minute to do something about it. Talk about what’s happening, don’t ignore it, so that bad habits don’t get a chance to take hold.

If you feel that your marriage has lost its way, and you’re looking at this quote and wishing things were different, take a look at the article series here on “Bringing Back The Spark Into A Relationship” because you CAN rekindle the flames with care and attention, as long as you are willing to make the effort and there is some level of love still there.

Do you have a marriage where the flames are very much still lit? Or have you had a relationship you think you could have saved, if you’d fanned those flames?

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