How To Lose A Good Man Without Cheating

Last weekend I came across a Kindle book in my collection of free downloads with a title that made me stop and open it. It was called “101 Easy Ways To Lose A Good Man Without Cheating” by author Lady Bee.

101 Easy Ways To Lose A Good ManWith a title and author like that, I thought it must be some kind of spoof or comedy fiction, but as I’d downloaded it in December 2012, I hadn’t a clue what it was really about.

So I opened it up, and it was a tongue-in-cheek book but with a serious intent. On the face of it, it’s simply a list of 101 things that many women do all the time that really annoy or upset their partners.

It’s quite a short book, and a quick funny read, about 20 pages, but far more effective I think than many weighty tomes about saving your marriage and having a great relationship.

The book is basically saying, if you want to lose your guy or husband and you’re doing these things, you’re going the right way about it. To keep your man happy, the solution is easy. You just need to refrain from doing those things listed in the book or do the opposite to them.

You can read articles all around the web and on this site (for example here, here and here) about how to keep your husband happy. You can also read about what not to say here and here.

But it’s good to have so many things you should not do gathered together in one little volume especially as this book costs next to nothing. It should raise a smile too (if not a hearty chuckle) as well as a feeling of pride at those things you are not guilty of. You could give him a copy if you are not guilty of any of those things and maybe he will appreciate you more!

You’ll find the book on here and on here. If you take a look at the “Look Inside” there, you can see the first 6 of the 101 ways to get an idea if it’s for you, and there are another 3 of the 101 ways in the description on Amazon.

I think it would provide a great relationship tune up and fend off danger for women who are getting on fine in their marriage just now but are really drifting along and not quite in love any more.

Over to you: Do you have any favorite books or tips on having a great marriage or keeping a good man happy? Please share in the comments below.

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  1. Nice blog! I love books, so I might have to check this one out.
    Tami Principe recently posted…Welcome

  2. Amy says:

    I believe that title is a good hook–and it hooked you in! Me too!
    Amy recently posted…Playing with flowers at the Harvest Home Farm booth

  3. Salma says:

    Sounds like an interesting book, I may have to check it out.
    Salma recently posted…5 Ways to Eat Watermelon

  4. Bonnie Gean says:

    Why would anyone write a book about “how to lose your man” because it sounds like such a downer. ROFL

    I guess it’s important to point out some of the things you could do (like nag constantly to him about what he does or doesn’t do) that would chase him off… but if a man uses nagging as an excuse to cheat or leave you — he’s not being very manly. 🙂
    Bonnie Gean recently posted…The Top Five Ailments I Want Gone!

    • Ana says:

      Well, it’s not a book of guidelines you should follow but a tongue-in-cheek list of what you shouldn’t do to lose your good man LOL I don’t think one of those things would see him off, like you say, but an accumulation of a few things on the list very well might, manly or not, good man or not. There’s only so much he will take before another woman who doesn’t give him such a grim time starts to look very appealing no matter how good he is, especially if one throws herself his way.
      Ana recently posted…My Top Ten Marriage Tips

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