Online Dating: Don’t Just Date, Mix!

While online dating can give you access to all sorts of people you would not normally get to meet, it’s not always the best way to meet new people.

Don't Just Date, Mix!It’s just one way.

Meeting people via the Internet would be better if everyone had an online dating profile that was entirely truthful and gave a good idea of who you were actually meeting. But you will find that many people you encounter have no resemblance to their online persona.

Also when dating online, prospective partners tend to select on purely superficial grounds because you don’t have much else to go on, though love is about so much more than looks, interests and status.

Having said that, online dating has resulted in successful matches for many daters including several good friends of mine, so there’s no need to give up entirely. Just don’t base all your hopes on it when there are so many possibilities out there for you.

Supplement your Internet search for love by getting out and meeting people, and not just people you might like to date – all people!

Studies have found that the women who are most likely to marry are the ones with the most friends and acquaintances.

Women are more likely to get married if they have a lot of friends. It’s not hard to see why.

Not everyone you meet is a potential mate, but everyone you come across could be a potential friend who knows an ideal partner for you.

There’s that whole “six degrees of separation” thing going on. That’s where someone you know knows someone who knows someone and so on – they say you are never more than six people away from anyone in the world.

More people meet their future partners in the real world than online, so don’t cut yourself off.

In any case, getting out and about, enjoying yourself and mixing is fun in itself. Choose activities that you love, so you are happy and occupied, and people will be drawn to you – new friends, potential dates, everyone.

Not sure what to do or where to go? My book has 182 great places where you can meet guys, many of which involve fun things you can do.

Too busy?

Too busy to even think about fitting anything else into your life?

This is a real problem these days. We cut ourselves off because we have so many commitments.

But are you really saying you’re too busy to make friends?

Then your whole life is too busy. Period. You need to find some balance there. Otherwise how will you ever have time for a partner should one come along?

Life is not meant to be lived numb. It’s meant to be experienced. Wake up! You need space to breathe and a fresh start.

Over to you: How did you meet your current or past partners? Are you a fan of online dating or do you prefer to meet people in normal life? Are you too busy for love? Please share in the comments below.

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  1. Sophie Bowns says:

    I’m still not sure what I actually think of online dating…..
    Sophie Bowns recently posted…The Beauty Of The Room

    • Ana says:

      I think there are a lot of people still undecided about it even after they try it. I suppose, as with everything, you get out of it what you put into it. And you do have to deal with a lot of tricky situations that you might not otherwise have to deal with. That puts people off a bit. I also think it’s definitely not for those feeling fragile, because it can be pretty demoralizing.
      Ana recently posted…Is Finding Love More Difficult These Days?

  2. I am the type of person who does not agree with online dating and in fact find it hard to believe that apart form maybe the small amount of people who do use it may find love, the majority are there not for love but for other intentions and I would never feel comfortable using it x

    • Ana says:

      Thanks for sharing Lisa. I tend to think of online dating as a tool, like any other, that can be used in a good way or misused. Two of my friends are very happily married after a short time on Plenty Of Fish though – one married the first guy she met!
      Ana recently posted…5 Things To Find Out About Your Date

  3. Nick says:

    I’m happily married but some of my friends are raving about Tinder. Is this the future?
    Nick recently posted…24/04/2014 – Tyrannosaurus Dead-Oyster Boy You’re a Blast (2013)

    • Ana says:

      Tinder is very popular but it’s even more superficial than online dating because you decide to meet up based on even less info – mainly a picture, age, first name and the fact the person is nearby. Still, I’m sure there will be some successful relationships made on Tinder (they claim 50 marriage proposals so far) as well as an awful lot of hook-ups leading nowhere.
      Ana recently posted…Is Finding Love More Difficult These Days?

  4. I loved this part of the post….There’s that whole “six degrees of separation” thing going on. That’s where someone you know knows someone who knows someone and so on – they say you are never more than six people away from anyone in the world…..never heard of this but sounds interesting!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier today Ana 🙂
    Vinodini Iyer recently posted…Summing up my X goof ups!

  5. Though I am in the process of becoming single again, I think I am also one of the “too busy” ones. I intend to wait until my parenting job is done before I get back out there again. But when I do, I am not sure I would even want to try the Internet for exactly the reasons you mentioned. I’d rather hang out with friends, and see what happens.
    Jeanine recently posted…Faerietale Happiness Challenge: Happy Spring Cleaning?

    • Ana says:

      Sounds like a good plan Jeanine although I find that even with one through college, left home and started his first job that parenting job is never quite done! Perhaps you’ll feel differently about meeting someone once things have had a chance to settle down a bit. Thanks for sharing.
      Ana recently posted…Don’t Fall In Love Too Far Too Fast

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