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How comfortable are you with a public display of affection (so-called PDA) by a loved up couple? Part of me thinks I should be reacting with “that’s nice”, and the other half most definitely wants them to get a room.

Hey, Get A Room Already!Perhaps writing about relationships and love, I should be more comfortable with public displays, but to my mind, when you are all over each other like that, it’s generally not love going on.

In most cases, you’re in that mad period of infatuation at the start of a relationship, when you can’t keep your hands off each other.

There’s lust in the air rather than love, and that is uncomfortable for the rest of us to witness.

Lust and infatuation will either turn into lasting love, or it won’t. At that point, public displays of affection are generally reduced to holding hands and the odd kiss. And the passion (hopefully) has found a room – plenty of room – where you can be all over each other in private for the rest of your lives.

Meanwhile, in those early stages, in common with new lovers everywhere, there’s a selfish disregard for the world at large. You only see each other, and not the passers by wincing as they go by.

If I’m having a good day, it’s not so bad. I’m likely to smile on the happy couple and silently wish them well. Luckily for me, most of my days are good.

But what does it do to the lonely, the widowed and those who are going through a bad break up? It definitely doesn’t make their world a better place.

New lovers, please have a heart and tone down the public displays of affection.


Thinking about it, there’s another kind of public display between couples that makes me wince, and that’s between those couples who have been together a while – perhaps, many years.

In this case, an overly lovey-dovey display where they are all over each other, and using terms of endearment in every sentence, makes me question the strength of their relationship.

It’s as if they are putting on a public performance to prop up shaky ground – just like when couples appear in magazines like “Hello” and talk about their wonderful lives, two months before announcing an acrimonious divorce.

Couples who are getting on and sure of each other don’t need to have their relationship validated by anyone else.

Are you comfortable with public displays of affection? Have you been so much “in love” you didn’t care what anyone else thought? (I’m sure I have been guilty of this.) Do you know couples who argue in private, and then put on a performance in public? PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS BELOW

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  1. THIS? “In this case, an overly lovey-dovey display where they are all over each other, and using terms of endearment in every sentence, makes me question the strength of their relationship.” EXACTLY!!! Begs the question – who are you trying to convince? Thanks for sharing!!
    Shelley ( recently posted…Iron Man 3 – Need I say more???

    • Ana says:

      I had a particular couple in mind, acquaintances of ours, when I wrote that. They fight like cat and dog – quite often in public – and other times they are all over each other. Mind you, they are still together after more than 20 years of marriage so maybe the fights keep things interesting. Who knows what really happens behind closed doors.

  2. Lola Rose says:

    lol I am guilty of this when I first started dating my boyfriend. It was definitely infatuation. 5 years on and we toned it down to the point where people think we are brother and sister… awkward! I actually love watching young couples get all mushy, cause I was once there and would act like a complete moron without caring.

    I TOTALLY AGREE with the established couples part. We have friends who put on shows when we go out, its completely unnecessary. If you trust them you don’t need to jump on top of them when your out… and saying ‘baby’, ‘bubbi’, ‘I love you’ every two seconds is ridiculously annoying!

    • Ana says:

      Thanks for sharing Lola. Judging by the number of public displays of affection I come across, I think most of us have been there when we were first in love LOL Luckily, I was quite shy when I met my husband so that kept things in check a bit.

  3. Michelle says:

    Not a big fan of over the top public displays of affection – my feeling is the same as yours…who are you trying to convince? I am sure back in high school and college I was probably much more guilty of it though.
    Michelle recently posted…Goodbye Braces, Hello Invisalign!

    • Ana says:

      I think we probably all did stuff in high school and college we wouldn’t do now, Michelle. Ah, the benefit of hindsight…

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