Should You Go Bare Down There?

There’s no hard and fast rule about bikini line hair removal, though it’s generally a good idea to trim the area to look neat and tidy at least and not to have a forest poking out from your swimming costume or sexy lingerie.

Should you go bare down there?But remove all your pubic hair? Opinions vary greatly on that one.

Pubic hair, just like the hair on your head, varies greatly in color, texture and density, and just like a standard hair cut, there’s no right and wrong ruling about the way we wear it. It’s all down to personal preference and what you think makes you most attractive.

Guys vary in their opinions too, so you may as well just decide what you like for yourself or ask your partner for his opinion. Some think you look sexier with hair and others without. But in the end it’s really up to you. You can always take the stance that you look beautiful with any amount of hair (you do!) and he can keep his opinions to himself.

It’s usually not a permanent decision in any case. You can try going bare to see if you like it. If you find you don’t like the look or feel of it, the hair will grow back.

Pros Of Going Bare

  • It’s easier to keep the area clean and you may feel fresher without it. Pubic hair is designed biologically to give off a scent (pheromones) to attract the opposite sex, but we spend a lot of time and money on body washes getting rid of our natural scents so it’s up to you whether you like that idea!
  • He may prefer going down on you without a face or mouth full of hair, though if you keep the hair neatly trimmed this shouldn’t be a problem.
  • You will look like the women he sees in porn movies (this may or may not be a good thing). Pubic hair removal is the norm in XXX-rated movies so viewers can see more of the “action”.
  • The area will be more sensitive because of extra friction during sex.
  • You may feel sexier because you have “exposed” the area.
  • You can wear a swimsuit or panties that are as skimpy as you like and know you’ll have no pubic hair poking out.

Cons Of Going Bare

  • Pubic hair removal methods are no fun. Removing the hair by shaving is pretty tricky as it’s a complicated area to negotiate with a razor – nicks and cuts are not going to help your sex life. Waxing can be very painful (although you do get used to it over time) and quite expensive. Depilatories are smelly and you have to hang around the bathroom covered in goo. See How To Remove Pubic Hair below for more details.
  • Once you remove hair, you have the hassle of maintenance. The hair grows back pretty quickly.
  • Regrowth from shaving feels rough like a man’s beard and like rug burn for him against sensitive areas when you have sex. The regrowth from depilatories is a little less prickly and hair is slightly slower to reappear. If you wax, you need to let the hair grow at least 2mm before you can wax again, so the area will look strange in that in between stage.
  • When the hair grows back, it may itch like mad, whatever method you use.
  • Hair removal may lead to irritating ingrown hairs and you may end up looking like you have a case of acne down there. It depends on how your skin reacts.
  • Some guys are horrified that, with no hair, you look like a little girl down below (but there are other obvious differences between a woman and a child so he should be able to tell the difference…)
  • Despite the practice of removing hair before surgery for hygiene purposes, pubic hair removal leaves the skin more prone to infections as you will have microscopic open wounds in a warm moist environment leaving a happy place for some of the nastiest bacteria around according to this article. Nice!

How To Remove Pubic Hair

If you decide you want to get rid of some or all of the hair, then you have a few options


This is the easiest method to neaten the area, if that is all you want to do, but you won’t actually remove any hair, just shorten it.

Use a pair of sharp nail scissors and carefully trim the hair to around a quarter of an inch to half an inch (half to one and a half cms) long. Use a hand mirror so you can see around all the important little places. You could also use a personal trimmer or grooming device, which will make the job easier.

If you trim every few weeks, it should be enough to keep things neat.

Depilatory Cream

Choose a depilatory cream that says it is OK for public hair removal or sensitive skin. Do a patch test on a tiny area before you proceed to smother the whole of your pubes in the stuff, in case you have an allergic reaction. In any case, all the creams I have come across are too harsh to use everywhere in the genital area and so can’t be used to go completely bare. A chemical reaction and burning sensation are not great for sensitive areas.

Follow the directions on the packaging and use a timer so you do not leave the product on too long. Once the chemical has had a chance to do its work, remove the product with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel.

The cream will probably leave you free from hair for a few days to around a week.


Use a new razor and soak in the bath or shower first to soften the hair. If the hair is long, trim it first so that razor doesn’t get clogged. Lather up the area with shaving foam and make sure you can see what you are doing by using a mirror. Focus on one small area at a time.

You will need to manipulate each part where you want to remove hair, pulling this way and that so that the skin is taut where you are shaving to help prevent nicks and cuts and so that you can get to all the hair in the area.

Go lightly over the area with the razor using small strokes. You should not have to apply pressure. If you do the razor is too blunt.

After you rinse off the remaining soap check for any patches you have missed and go over those areas again.

You will have to shave every few days if you want to stay smooth. Regrowth can feel spiky.


Though you can wax your hair at home I don’t advise it, at least not for pubic waxing novices. Have the first (and probably all) treatments at a salon so that you know your pain threshold and whether you are going to have the courage to pull off the wax strips yourself! Plus it’s worth paying out to learn how the professionals do pubic waxing and get the right technique even you want to go the DIY route.

At the salon you will be asked which type of waxing you want. You can just have the hair that shows in a skimpy bikini waxed (bikini line wax) or you can have a Brazilian that leaves a thin (“landing”) strip or triangle shape, or you can have a Hollywood wax that removes the lot. Some salons even specialize in shaping your pubes into a heart or lightning bolt shape.

You can reduce the pain by taking painkillers an hour before your treatment, trimming the hair before you go and avoiding the time just before your period when you are extra sensitive. If you exfoliate after the treatment, it can help prevent ingrown hairs.

Waxing lasts for a few weeks so at least you don’t have the expense and pain so often.

Bikini Laser Hair Removal

If you have the cash, you can get a permanent reduction in hair growth with laser hair removal but you do need very deep pockets – and patience as you will need a whole course of treatments, and some hair usually grows back.

Check whether full removal (Hollywood style) is offered by the clinic if you want to go that way as well as whether your skin and hair are suitable. (Laser treatment works best on those with fair skin and dark hair).

As hair may be removed permanently, this is one treatment where you will not be able to change your mind about going bare at a later date. Remember fashions in public hair removal as in all things change over the years though removing it has been common since the 1980s and so this fashion seems set to remain.

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