Why You Should Sleep Naked With Your Man

What do you wear in bed? You’d be surprised at the range of answers to that question – or maybe you wouldn’t, given your own dressing for bed habits. But the answer “nothing at all” is rare in couples who have got into a rut in the bedroom.

Sleep Naked To Boost Your Love LifeThe thing with sleeping naked is, it’s inherently sexual – you are in close skin against skin contact with no barriers whatsoever to sex.

Don’t worry I agree that, out of bed, sexy dressing can be very helpful in getting things moving, but any kind of dressing is just a barrier to intimacy between the sheets. There’s a lot to be said for easy access to all areas!

And if you don’t sleep in the nude, just how alluring are the clothes you wear anyway? The fact is, the less sexy and the more comfortable your night attire, the more of a mood killer it is for both you and your man. Clothes create not just a physical barrier but also a mental one. You’re sending a signal to both your other half AND yourself, that you’re not feeling sexy.

In any case, just think about it.

What feels sexier to you? Cuddling up with your man with both of you wearing nothing at all? Or him clothed neck to foot in cotton pjs and you in some kind of night attire, no matter how slinky or sexy? There’s no contest. You need a sense of connection to even start to feel like sex – and sleeping nude together is one way to create it almost instantly. The more you touch, the closer you feel.

But you might be surprised to hear there are other real health benefits from sleeping in the nude.

First of all that skin to skin contact is not just sexy. It produces a hormone called oxytocin which makes you feel good, reduces stress, decreases your heart rate and improves your mood. And all this gives you more restful sleep, which allows you to perform better the next day.

On top of that, your skin benefits from the circulation of air, which helps prevent blocked pores and other skin problems. For women allowing air to circulate around the vulva area helps prevent fungal infection and other vaginal problems and for men sleeping without underwear (especially tight underwear) keeps things cool and can help to boost fertility by keeping the testes at the right temperature.

But you may be protest that you couldn’t possibly sleep naked for any number of reasons.


It’s Too Cold

The answer to that is to dress the bed and not you. If you have enough bed clothes, then being cold is not an issue, and besides, you will have your man to keep you warm. And he’ll be keeping you very warm. Trust me! If you like the temperature in your bedroom to be cool, just have a dressing gown or robe handy to put on until the moment you get into bed and as soon as you get up.


The Kids Will Come In

If you are getting little visitors in the night, then just slip on your dressing gown and put them back to bed. Any kid young enough to come visiting is not going to get freaked out by having a glimpse of his parents “au naturel” while you put on your robe. Besides as we saw in Make Time For Sex, nighttime visitors need to be discouraged for other reasons than that they might see you naked.


You’re Having Your Period

You might prefer to wear panties at that time of the month, but there’s no need to wear a full night time outfit.

bring the spark back: sleep naked

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It’s Easier To Wash P.J.s Than Sheets

If you want a great sex life then washing sheets is part of the price, I’m afraid! You need to be changing your bedding regularly anyway, whether you wear P.J.s or not. Besides, bathing before bed is a great habit to get into for the sake of your sheets and your partner – being clean generally makes women more open to having sex especially oral sex – so what’s not to like?


It Doesn’t Feel Comfortable

If you have the temperature right, see point 1 above, you will find – at least once you get used to it – that it is much more comfortable sleeping in the nude than with garments that can get rucked up or tangled or which have waistbands, fastenings or straps that can dig in. It only takes a day or two to get used to it and see the benefits.

If you’d like to try it and you’re worried about how to introduce nude sleeping, there’s only one thing to do – go for it! See how your man reacts. Say you’ve read that it’s better for you to sleep naked and ask if he would like to join you. Most hot-blooded males are not going to see that as a bad idea!

Cuddle up to each other and see where the experiment takes you – skin against skin. Do you really want to get in the way of that with clothes? I thought not! You can thank me later 🙂

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  1. Bellaisa says:

    I love sleeping naked. I did it with my husband right up until we got our Miniature Pinscher, who loves sleeping under the blankets! I know, we shouldn’t let him sleep on the bed, but for the most part we do, and so I sleep with underwear on. Maybe its time we kick him out of bed, because it really does affect our sex life.
    Bellaisa recently posted…5 Tips To Attract Women On Facebook

  2. Rajeev M says:

    First time you sleep naked you might feel ticklish and maybe when you wake up you might feel foolish you did do it, but rest assured you\’ll get used to it.You could try keeping a set of clothes under your pillow.Take showers before bed to keep sheets clean. Also wash sheets frequently to feel fresh.If your living situation isn’t conducive to sleeping naked, compromise by sleeping in your underwear.Make sure you won\’t get walked in on in the middle of the night.

  3. Carl says:

    I’ve slept naked from a young age, and it’s never done me any harm, in fact it’s rather nice to be free, other than the fact my partner sleeps with a night time wear, that does affect how I feel a lot.
    Carl recently posted…Why It Doesn’t Need To Be Hard To Find Love After 40

  4. Jerry says:

    I used to get turned on when I slept naked, and would keep waking up, therefore not a very good rest. Then I began going to bed naked all the time, and haven’t stopped. I feel comfortable with it now, and wake up after a night of continuous sleep. I get out of bed, go to the bathroom for a pee, go outside for the paper on the patio–no one can see me, all in the nude. After finishing in the bathroom, I peruse the front pages of all the sections, then I have no choice–I have to get to dressed in order to walk the dog outside.

    Carrying this a step further, I joined a nudist resort this Summer, and have had a lot of fun swimming, dancing, eating–all without needing clothes. It’s terrific! When you’re all in the same category, there’s no one to stop you. I’m in good physical shape, so I like to show off my body, and enjoy seeing the variety of female forms walking around. Yes–there is a sexual overtone to being in a nudist resort. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not being honest with themselves.

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