Get More Dates! How To Get Men To Approach You

10 Ways To Get More Dates

Some women seem to have no difficulty at all in getting men to approach them, while others find it hard to even get a second look. But it’s not about looks alone. If you are hot, then you’ll get more attention, but you won’t necessarily get more dates or even […] Read more »

How To Find Love With The Right Person

I listened to another interesting snippet today from the relationship conference I have been attending. This time the speaker was Reid Mihalko who calls himself a Sex Geek, but in this talk he had an interesting approach for daters. He said that people who are dating are generally encouraged and […] Read more »

Are Shared Interests Important In A Relationship?

Are Shared Interests Important In A Relationship?

In the days when you only met potential dates from the same town as you, who probably went to the same school and knew the same people, and had a similar background, you always had something in common with them. You never had to worry about shared interests. but now? […] Read more »

Do You Feel Attractive?

5 favorite attraction quotes

We don’t always feel as attractive as we’d like to be. Sometimes it’s difficult not to wish that we looked like our favorite celebrity or even our good-looking best friend. Then we think we might feel better about ourselves, have more confidence and finally get the guy or feel secure […] Read more »

What Do Guys Want In A Girl?

When you ask yourself what guys want in a girl, you’re really not thinking about any old guys are you? You really want to know what the right guys want. And so what does Mr Right want? It could be argued that there’s an easy answer to that question. Mr […] Read more »

What Guys Think About How You Look

What Do Guys Think About How You Look

Some women get a lot of male attention, and some not so much. If you want to be seen as more attractive by more men, here are some generally accepted male points of view – though there will be plenty who deviate from this, if you don’t want to play […] Read more »

Does Success Make You Less Attractive To Men?

less attractive to men

I have heard the idea that successful women may be less attractive to men during a couple of webinars by completely different dating and relationship experts this week. To be honest, even questioning whether that is true makes me cringe, but unfortunately there seems to be a grain of truth […] Read more »