Get More Dates! How To Get Men To Approach You

10 Ways To Get More Dates

Some women seem to have no difficulty at all in getting men to approach them, while others find it hard to even get a second look. But it’s not about looks alone. If you are hot, then you’ll get more attention, but you won’t necessarily get more dates or even […] Read more »

How To Find Love With The Right Person

I listened to another interesting snippet today from the relationship conference I have been attending. This time the speaker was Reid Mihalko who calls himself a Sex Geek, but in this talk he had an interesting approach for daters. He said that people who are dating are generally encouraged and […] Read more »

How Do You Know If He Is Avoiding You?

How Do You Know If He's Avoiding You?

Most men give pretty clear signals if they want to be with you. They phone you up and ask you out. They send and answer text messages. They find time to see you. But what does it mean when that doesn’t happen? Usually it’s for one of three reasons he’s […] Read more »

Are Shared Interests Important In A Relationship?

Are Shared Interests Important In A Relationship?

In the days when you only met potential dates from the same town as you, who probably went to the same school and knew the same people, and had a similar background, you always had something in common with them. You never had to worry about shared interests. but now? […] Read more »

Is Finding Love More Difficult These Days?

Is Finding Love Getting More Difficult

You would think that with all the different ways to meet people these days (I talk about 182 of them in my book!) and the way women can do anything they like without anyone batting an eyelid (including asking guys out) finding love would be easier than ever. But in […] Read more »

5 Things To Find Out About Your Date

You’re dating a new guy and all went so well on the first date that you’re going out with him again this week and you can’t wait to see him. Before you fall too far too fast, it’s time to start finding out a few more things about him. It’s […] Read more »

Don’t Fall In Love Too Far Too Fast

If a guy makes your heart beat faster right from the first date, try to exercise a bit of caution before you start dreaming of your future together. Yesterday we established that love at first sight does exist, but you can’t actually tell if the “love” that you’re experiencing will […] Read more »

10 Dating Tips I Discovered Too Late

Dating always seemed to be full of false starts, dashed hopes and anguish in my younger days. I could kick myself now that I didn’t make the most of being single, foot-loose and fancy-free and that I wasted so much time and energy on guys that weren’t for me. But […] Read more »

Looking For A Man? Be Needy…In A Good Way

All you need is love

In general, being needy is a negative thing. It smacks of a woman who doesn’t know her own mind – a bit of a doormat clinging to her guy, worried he’ll leave her unless she shapes herself to be everything he wants. Being needy is a sign of insecurity, and […] Read more »