THE Secret To Great Sex

Number 1 Secret To Great Sex

There’s one sure thing that can make all the difference to your sex life and here it is. Drum roll… If you’re going to have sex, don’t be half-hearted. Be one hundred percent behind your decision, whether you’re having sex for the first time with your guy, it’s a one […] Read more »

Body Confidence: How To Feel Sexy

feel sexy

If there’s one thing designed to make you have less pleasure between the sheets, it’s feeling some kind of complex about your size or shape. But the fact is women are sexy in all shapes and sizes no matter what the media tries to force down your throat about the […] Read more »

Feel Sexy, Have More Sex

There’s some debate about whether having more sex actually makes you feel sexy more often, but, in my mind, there’s no doubt about it that it does. From talking to women, it seems to me that the longer you go without sex, the less you think about it and the […] Read more »