How Soon Should You Sleep With Him?

How soon should you sleep with him?

A lot of dating gurus talk about the three date rule, where you don’t sleep with a guy until the third date. But if you are looking for a long term relationship, there’s no such thing as a particular number of dates where you should be thinking “Tonight’s the night!” […] Read more »

Are Guys Only After One Thing?

Are guys only after one thing?

I hear women still searching for Mr Right complaining all the time that guys only seem to be after one thing. Is that true? Are men only after one thing? While men think about sex a lot, it’s not the only thing they care about. It’s just a big thing! […] Read more »

Should You Sleep With Him On The First Date?

should you sleep with him on the first date

There’s no absolute right or wrong answer to that question, but it’s worth thinking about so you can get your head straight before your date. Although you might think in these days of equality, it’s a matter of personal choice whether you sleep with him on the first date, there […] Read more »