Alternative Date Night To Keep Passion Alive

alternative date night

I have been listening to a number of relationship experts and therapists at an online conference over the past couple of days with all their wild and wonderful theories. Many of the ideas seem a little remote from the practical day-to-day reality of being in a relationship with a real […] Read more »

Why Love Dies

why love dies

They say that true love lasts forever, but even when you’re both convinced you found “the one”, love can die for one or both of you almost overnight. Was it real love? Why did it end? As every situation is different, no one can give a definitive answer to why […] Read more »

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff In Love

Don't sweat the small stuff in love

When men are first in love they are much better at making you feel gorgeous, sexy and loved with all those little gestures that mean so much. Later on in the relationship, they often return to type, and don’t give out the kind of signals you want them to give […] Read more »

How To Bring The Spark Back Into A Relationship

how to bring the spark back in a relationship

If things are less than steamy in the bedroom these days, it’s time to put the spark back into your relationship and make it sizzling hot again. In this article series, we explore the many ways you can do exactly that. 1 Find The Time Life has a hideous tendency […] Read more »

Bedroom Games To Add Fun To Your Love Life

bedroom games

Laughter, fun and games should all be part of a healthy, fulfilling sex life. If you take your time in bed with your lover too seriously, things can quickly get stale and boring. But it’s simple enough to inject a little fun into the bedroom and kick your love life […] Read more »

How To Initiate Sex With Your Man

how to initiate sex

Not initiating sex is one of the biggest mistakes that women make when it comes to love. It sets up an imbalance in the relationship and takes any kind of control from your hands, while, oddly enough, he feels you have all the control because you are always the one […] Read more »

Get In The Mood With Erotic Books

erotics berotic bookerotic books to help get you in the mood

If the spark has gone out of your love life, because you never feel in the mood these days, then a little light reading might be the very thing to get you back on track. It’s often said that the sex drive for men begins in their pants, while that […] Read more »

Why You Should Sleep Naked With Your Man

sleep naked

What do you wear in bed? You’d be surprised at the range of answers to that question – or maybe you wouldn’t, given your own dressing for bed habits. But the answer “nothing at all” is rare in couples who have got into a rut in the bedroom. The thing […] Read more »

4 Ways To Boost Your Love Life With The Past

If things have become humdrum between the sheets, it’s usually because you’ve forgotten what excited you about your man when you first met. There will be many things about him that made you want to bed him and wed him – or just bed him! Why were you attracted to […] Read more »

Make Time For Sex

make time for sex

What do you mean you don’t have time for sex? If you want to keep the spark in your love life alive, (or reignite a flame that shows signs of going out), you have to make time. Not having time is a major cause of things going wrong in your […] Read more »