Celebrate International Kissing Day

According to Google tomorrow, July 6th 2014, is International Kissing Day. I’m not sure where they get all these special days from. I’m convinced they just pluck them out of thin air. But anyway, now you know about it, I’m sure you want to be prepared to mark the occasion […] Read more »

How To Handle The First Kiss

How To Handle The First Kiss

We have already debated whether you should kiss on the first date, but what about the first kiss itself whenever it occurs? How should you handle that? As usual, it depends on the situation, but the main thing that affects how you should handle the first kiss is whether you […] Read more »

20 Different Types Of Kisses

20 types of kisses

If anyone had asked me about how many types of kiss there were I’d have probably guessed about 10 and not been able to name them either, but graphs.net has gone to the trouble of creating an infographic of twenty different types of kisses that’s may even be safe for […] Read more »

Pros And Cons Of The First Date Kiss

At some point during a first date, usually towards the end, there is usually an opportunity or possibility for a first kiss. Although you can plenty of opinions around about what you should do on your first date, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to first date […] Read more »