How To Find Love With The Right Person

I listened to another interesting snippet today from the relationship conference I have been attending. This time the speaker was Reid Mihalko who calls himself a Sex Geek, but in this talk he had an interesting approach for daters. He said that people who are dating are generally encouraged and […] Read more »

Where Are The Best Places To Meet Men?

Where do you go to meet Mr Right?

If you’re meeting the wrong guys or no guys at all, then it’s a sure bet you’re going to all the wrong places. I notice when I go out with my girlfriends, we don’t normally bump into many eligible men at all. That’s most likely because we go to places […] Read more »

Dating Guys You Meet At Work

Most work places are full of guys, and chances are, if you’re not currently with someone, you may have noticed the potential of one or two of your co-workers. On the other hand, you may also have seen the warnings out there about getting involved with someone you work with. […] Read more »

What Do Guys Want In A Girl?

When you ask yourself what guys want in a girl, you’re really not thinking about any old guys are you? You really want to know what the right guys want. And so what does Mr Right want? It could be argued that there’s an easy answer to that question. Mr […] Read more »

Will You Be Disappointed By Your Online Date?

Will You Be Disappointed By Your Online Date?

If you’re about to meet an online date for the first time face to face, curb your excitement until you actually get to see him. Want to know more? I just wrote a guest post about this for with 7 Important Things You Can’t Tell From An Email Hopefully, […] Read more »

Dating Tips: Avoid Mr Wrong Disguised As Mr Right

Is he Mr Wrong disguised as Mr Right?

At last you’ve come across a great looking guy and he’s flirting with you. Perhaps you’ve even been on a few dates. But is he too good to be true? Consider whether you have a Mr Wrong in disguise and whether you need to run in the other direction, before […] Read more »

Finding Mr Right (Or One Of Them)

Finding Mr Right

You meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you, and then you meet one person and your life is changed forever. (Jamie Randall from the movie, Love and Other Drugs) It’s funny that about love. If you’re at the stage of meeting (dating) tons of people and […] Read more »