Top Ten Lies In Online Dating Profiles

If you’ve been disappointed by more than a few dates after agreeing to meet up with someone you found on an online dating site, you’ll know that it’s pretty common for people to lie on a dating profile. In fact, studies have shown that around 80% lie about their age, […] Read more »

The State Of Dating And Online Dating Today

Online dating site published this great infographic with some fun facts about the state of dating today. A few noteworthy facts I picked out (there are more!) 17% of US married couples met on a dating site. I think this figure will increase over time, but remember there are […] Read more »

Speed Dating Tips

Speed dating varies a bit, but the general concept is that singles show up at an organized event where there are equal numbers of men and women (usually limited to a particular age group). You are given a few minutes with each potential match before moving on to the next […] Read more »

Are Shared Interests Important In A Relationship?

Are Shared Interests Important In A Relationship?

In the days when you only met potential dates from the same town as you, who probably went to the same school and knew the same people, and had a similar background, you always had something in common with them. You never had to worry about shared interests. but now? […] Read more »

Online Dating: Don’t Just Date, Mix!

Don't Just Date, Mix!

While online dating can give you access to all sorts of people you would not normally get to meet, it’s not always the best way to meet new people. It’s just one way. Meeting people via the Internet would be better if everyone had an online dating profile that was […] Read more »

Can You Find Love On Free Online Dating Sites?

Online dating is big business. You can easily part with a whole wad of cash every month – the ads (and some of the success stories you hear in real life) are very enticing. But you also have a choice between paying for membership and going with one of the […] Read more »