Get This One Thing Right And Save Your Marriage

save your marriage

Although it’s commonly stated that over half of first marriages in the U.S. end in divorce, a study of Census records for 1985 has shown that it is even higher for more recent marriages – as many as 67% marriages collapse. That’s two out of every three marriages – yikes! […] Read more »

Relationship Tips: Do You Know Your Own Power?

Do You Know Your Own Power

Sometimes you don’t even know your own strength. You’re totally unaware of how much power you wield. But you see, once a guy loves you and cares for you, especially if he marries you, you have an almost magical hold over him. No it’s not sex – whether or not […] Read more »

After The Honeymoon, Do More Not Less

What to do after the honeymoon

After all the fuss with the wedding and honeymoon has died down, many couples settle down hoping for a life of wedded bliss. If you lived together before the ceremony, there’s nothing really new to get used to other than the idea of being married. If you didn’t move in, […] Read more »

How To Give Your Relationship The Kiss Of Life

Imagine a paramedic just leaving a patient to his fate at the side of the road because he can’t be bothered to give the poor soul the treatment he needs. Slowly the patient’s life ebbs away and the paramedic is full of remorse but still does nothing. Unthinkable? Of course, […] Read more »

3 Minute Miracle To Keep Your Marriage Alive

3 Minute Miracle To Keep Your Marriage Alive

It doesn’t matter how frantic your life, you need to give some time to your partner if you want a marriage that rocks. If you have no time at all for your guy (or he has no time for you) then that is really saying something about the state of […] Read more »