How to Boost Your Sex Drive

How To Boost Your Sex Drive

According to the American Medical Association several million women in the US suffer from low libido (or lack of sex drive) something they now call “female sexual arousal disorder” or FSAD. Some estimates according to even put it as high as 43% of women. That’s an F (excuse my […] Read more »

Body Confidence: How To Feel Sexy

feel sexy

If there’s one thing designed to make you have less pleasure between the sheets, it’s feeling some kind of complex about your size or shape. But the fact is women are sexy in all shapes and sizes no matter what the media tries to force down your throat about the […] Read more »

Passion Killer: Too Tired For Love

too tired for love

Sometimes sheer exhaustion sets in and all you want in bed is to close your eyes and shut out the world including him. We all have days like that when sex is the last thing we need. But if that is the case every night, and you are too tired […] Read more »