One Difference Between Loving And Liking

Difference Between Loving And Liking

You might think the difference between loving and liking was that special spark of attraction you have for someone than makes your heart beat faster, but real love is something so much deeper than that. Real love lasts much longer than that initial spark. Researchers Seligman, Fazio and Zanna at […] Read more »

Is It Love Or Lust?

All those feelings you have at the start of a new relationship—the fluttering feeling in your stomach, the need to see him again, the way he makes you feel so wonderful—can be quite overwhelming. You might be very happy and excited about the way you feel. But you know from […] Read more »

Ten Myths About Love

When it comes to love, our perception is often clouded by what we learn from romantic novels, movies, and gossip. Though love is rarely like the movies, it’s wonderful just the same as long as you have realistic expectations and don’t expect it to be all “sunlight and stardust”. So […] Read more »