THE Secret To Great Sex

There’s one sure thing that can make all the difference to your sex life and here it is. Drum roll…

Number 1 Secret To Great SexIf you’re going to have sex, don’t be half-hearted. Be one hundred percent behind your decision, whether you’re having sex for the first time with your guy, it’s a one night stand or it’s your partner of 25 years.

To enjoy it, you have to get into it, so be into it body and soul! One-hundred percent. That’s it! There’s no greater turn on than enthusiasm and getting lost in the moment.

How do you get into it 100%?


Be Sure

If it’s your first time with the guy, whether it’s a one night stand or someone you’ve dated a few times, be sure in your own mind it’s what YOU want, not just what he wants, especially if he’s putting pressure on you. You’ll both enjoy sex much more, if it’s no holds barred because you are both eager and 100% ready for it.

If you’re in a longer term relationship, hopefully you want the intimacy with your guy that great sex brings on a regular basis. The trouble is, if things are rocky, sex is generally not great because you have resentment hanging over you or anxiety about how things are going, so you can’t relax and get 100% into it. Resolve your relationship woes and you’ll find your sex life improves a bunch too.


Get Rid Of Distractions

Get everything that might take your mind off pleasurable pursuits out of the bedroom (or wherever you are)! If the TV, radio, or telephone might spoil the moment, switch them off. That’s what answer phones and TV services are for! If you’re at home you can control the environment to make sure you’re in the mood. If it’s a new relationship and you’re at his place, you might have to suggest switching stuff off or playing different music or whatever, if something is putting you off your stride.


Get Your Mind Into It

If you’re anxious about anything, your mind can be the source of unwanted distraction. There’s no point telling yourself not to think about whatever is bugging you, you have to fill your mind with other thoughts – the more erotic the better.

If you have a great imagination, you can use that. Just think about what you might do to him and all the things you’d like him to do for you. You can have as much of an erotic build up as you like, if you are planning to make love later in the day. If you have the opportunity, you could read an erotic story to get yourself “focused” before you get together with your guy. See Get In The Mood With Erotic Books.


Put Your Energy Into It

Don’t delay getting passionate until you’re dropping with fatigue. Great sex takes a bit of energy as well as enthusiasm and that’s difficult if you’re ready to nod off as soon as your head hits the pillow! This is not so much a problem at first when you’re so infatuated you could keep going all night, but it definitely matters later!

OVER TO YOU: Do you have any tips for being 100% in the moment? Do you get distracted by whatever is going on in the room or in your life? PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS BELOW

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