Three Little Things From My Week

Here are this week’s three little things, a series based on an idea by Salma from The Write Balance blog.

Three Little Things To Share


Spiral Hair

Hubby and I are still watching Spiral, we are now on season two. It’s a French crime drama with enough nastiness to put you off going to Paris (as if it could as it’s one of my favorite places in the world!)

I have a soft spot now for Monsieur Le Procurateur Pierre Clément . I think it’s the smoldering eyes, pouty lips and French accent that do it for me.

He is flirty with the main female characters. I’m not surprised. These French women all have hair that looks like it just got out of bed after a very good sleepless night, and like they wouldn’t mind getting their hair messed up again.

Maybe that is the secret of sexiness. Look like you have just had sex or are just about to even when shopping for groceries or walking the dog. Must go and UNcomb my hair before hubby gets back from work and see if he notices. LOL


Oh No! Vacation Time

I would say I love to travel but I really don’t. I just love being there once it’s all organized and the journey is over. I hate all the fuss about choosing a destination and picking out a hotel etc. I always think all the places we can afford to go on family holidays look the same with their white hotels, blue sea and sky.

Then I find somewhere that looks nice in the brochure but just like in Little Britain “the computer says No” – it looks awful on Trip Advisor, or I find it’s already sold out despite them still advertising the thing.

I’d better organize something soon though as the school holidays start the last week in June, and there will be a riot if we are not going anywhere for the whole break.


Two Minutes Failure

Even though we are happy as sand pies, I decided hubby and I should talk more after writing this post.

But it hasn’t worked out that well.

First he announced that he had a big project at work and would need to work at home in the evenings every night for a few weeks, and now the blooming World Cup has started so it will be soccer picking up any time he has to spare. I get my Spiral fix cozied up with him and then that is that.

Perhaps a vacation is a good idea after all, and I can drag him away from both work and the TV. Those lovely white hotels all have TVs in the bedroom (big No No with me) but there’s rarely anything more exciting on than local programs in Greek, Turkish or Portuguese (depending on where we are) and something like BBC World Service with 24 hours news. One good thing about being away.

Over to you: How has your week been? Do you have vacation plans or Spiral hair tips? Please share in the comments below

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  1. Allison says:

    Love your three things. I’ve been doing a Three Things Thursday with some other bloggers and linking up!

    I love planning vacations, waste a lot of time doing it. It’s like a hobby really.

    • Ana says:

      Thanks Allison. Maybe there’s a business in that – planning vacations for those of us who hate the planning. It used to be travel agents who did that but now they just take a commission and don’t really seem to care if the trips they are selling are awful.
      Ana recently posted…Secrets Of Happy Couples

  2. You know I like the planning and the visiting when it comes to vacations. weird that way.
    Marilyn Thompson recently posted…Around the Web Fab Friday

  3. Alana says:

    Two things about vacation. First, never skip one! They are important to your soul. Second – I’ve never been steered wrong by Tripadvisor – I hope it continues to be reliable now that it is so very popular and “big business”.
    Alana recently posted…Physical Fitness and An Adult With Autism

    • Ana says:

      Thanks Alana. I do love vacations once I am there! I have heard reports of people trying to post false reports to Tripadvisor either glowing about their own business or negative about a rival but it’s great to get a general feel for a place, and I always look now.
      Ana recently posted…Top Ten Lies In Online Dating Profiles

  4. Bonnie Gean says:

    I like the idea of trying out the uncombed hair to get more sex idea. ROFL

    Sounds like a workable plan and just think — you could actually talk more than two minutes at the same time! Talk about getting two birds with one worm! 🙂 ROFL
    Bonnie Gean recently posted…Three Items Completed for Reclaiming My Health

  5. Salma says:

    Ooh, that’s sounds like a fun show, but I don’t think we get it here, unless it’s on netflix? And I don’t like the unpacking and laundry after a vacation, that’s my worst part. And we have world cup fever in my home too. My husbands screams could wake napping children! Great 3 Things 🙂
    Salma recently posted…‘Raw’ Fudge

    • Ana says:

      We can only see Spiral on Netflix – UK – not sure if it’s in the US. It is in French (with subtitles) just to warn you. And there are 5 series of 8 episodes so far. Oh I forgot about the laundry as well. Thanks for that reminder LOL and thanks for sharing too 🙂
      Ana recently posted…How To Get Your Bedroom Back From Your Kids

  6. Jan Kearney says:

    Spiral hair – at first I had visions of those very lucky women who can get the corkscrew curls without even trying. Mine is as flat as a pancake and does nothing unless battling for hours (and then flops within an hour or so)
    Then I was chuckling away at the just had sex look. It could well work!

    Enjoy your holiday where-ever you go. Try sticking a pin in a map, throwing everything in the car and just going – no planning involved 🙂
    Jan Kearney recently posted…On-Page Local SEO: 10 Tips To Improve Your Local SEO [Infographic]

    • Ana says:

      Thanks for posting Jan. I have very straight hair too so I have given up trying to make any kind of curls LOL I think my days of long car journeys to find sunshine are gone after it took 2 days to drive from Scotland to the South of France and another two days to drive back again – I vowed never again unless I could wend my way gently southwards with all the time in the world, just passing through a bit of wine country on my way LOL. At the moment, with teenager in tow, I like just getting on a plane to the sun – well I hate flying – but that’s the getting there bit over with faster. We just booked to go to Greece so that is the horrible decision making thing over with at least.
      Ana recently posted…First Step To A Great Relationship

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