What To Wear On A Date – 10 Things To Get Right

There’s no one perfect date outfit that is right for every date or woman. There is a whole range of possibilities that your guy will love. But when you’re thinking about what you might wear, look for something that ticks all the following boxes:-
What To Wear On A Date: An Essential Checklist



Find out where you are going on your date because what you could wear out to dinner at a swanky restaurant is very different to the outfit that would be right for a date going bowling. You’ll feel more confident if your clothes are appropriate to the occasion and venue.



This doesn’t mean you have to wear head to toe pink or flowers, just something that gives a nod towards you being female. If he wanted to go out with his mates in jeans, check shirts and cowboy boots, he would be doing that. But he asked you out instead. Wearing a ruffle here or a heel there is enough to show you’re all woman.


Sexy Not Sleazy

One way to add a touch of femininity is by showing a hint of your shape. That means a little leg or a little cleavage but not both. Avoid skin tight clothing, but you don’t need to wear a tent either – look for something that skims your curves – as the saying goes “Tight enough to show you’re a woman, and loose enough to show you’re a lady”.



Dressing all in gray or black may be acceptable in most places, but it is a bit dull for a date. Make sure you have some color somewhere, or you will look like you are off to a business convention or funeral. And don’t be afraid to wear something super colorful like a red dress for a hot date. He’ll love it.



Comfortable does not mean slobbing around in sweats in this case. It just means something that does not irritate you (like a dress in scratchy wool or anything that is too hot). Also, make sure you are comfortable enough with your look that you don’t feel you have to constantly adjust parts of your clothes like the neck or hem line to feel that you look OK.


Suits You

Wear something that suits both your shape and your personality. Choose the clothes that makes you feel good and that match who you are. For example, if you’re the shy, retiring type then wild geometric prints are going to feel wrong no matter how good you look in them.



Make sure the clothes you want to wear are clean and pressed. There’s nothing worse than having the perfect dress from your wardrobe in mind, and then finding you should have had it dry-cleaned the last time you wore it. The answer is to check clothes before you put them away, to avoid your favorite clothes being out of action when you need them.



Soft natural fabrics will make him want to hold you. A sequin or heavily beaded top might look nice, but it doesn’t feel too good in his hands.



Less is more, when it comes to clothes and accessories. Too many patterns, too many different colors or too much jewelery will make him think he is going out with a market stall with all kinds of wares on display rather than a woman.



Whether your style is quirky or sophisticated and whatever your age (or his) make sure that you look like his date rather than his mother. Basically, if his mother would wear it, it’s too old-fashioned to wear on your date.

Once you have your clothes and accessories picked out, remember also to

  • wear the right undies – make sure nothing is on show until you want it to be on show (no bra straps or visible pantie lines), and wear something you would be happy to be seen in. Even if he never sees your careful selection, it will give you confidence.
  • apply makeup but not too much – guys say they don’t like makeup, but what they really mean is that they don’t want you to look as if you have caked it on with a trowel, and they don’t want it to rub off all over them when they kiss you.
  • smell sweet without overpowering him with perfume – you don’t want him sneezing all night.

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