10 Dating Tips I Discovered Too Late

Dating always seemed to be full of false starts, dashed hopes and anguish in my younger days. I could kick myself now that I didn’t make the most of being single, foot-loose and fancy-free and that I wasted so much time and energy on guys that weren’t for me. But […] Read more »

8 Reasons You Attract The Wrong Men

Do the wrong type of men keep turning up in your life? You know the ones – those who don’t treat you right, who are not ready for a relationship or who can’t be trusted. If that happens more often than you’d like and you never seem to meet “the […] Read more »

25 Winter Date Ideas

Winter is an enjoyable time of the year for those who like the crisp cold, snow covered streets, and darkness that sets in earlier than the rest of the year. But the weather does get in the way of some types of dates. Having said that, winter doesn’t mean that […] Read more »

Where Are The Best Places To Meet Men?

Where do you go to meet Mr Right?

If you’re meeting the wrong guys or no guys at all, then it’s a sure bet you’re going to all the wrong places. I notice when I go out with my girlfriends, we don’t normally bump into many eligible men at all. That’s most likely because we go to places […] Read more »

Can You Find Love On Free Online Dating Sites?

Online dating is big business. You can easily part with a whole wad of cash every month – the ads (and some of the success stories you hear in real life) are very enticing. But you also have a choice between paying for membership and going with one of the […] Read more »

Dating Guys You Meet At Work

Most work places are full of guys, and chances are, if you’re not currently with someone, you may have noticed the potential of one or two of your co-workers. On the other hand, you may also have seen the warnings out there about getting involved with someone you work with. […] Read more »

How Soon Should You Sleep With Him?

How soon should you sleep with him?

A lot of dating gurus talk about the three date rule, where you don’t sleep with a guy until the third date. But if you are looking for a long term relationship, there’s no such thing as a particular number of dates where you should be thinking “Tonight’s the night!” […] Read more »

What Do Guys Want In A Girl?

When you ask yourself what guys want in a girl, you’re really not thinking about any old guys are you? You really want to know what the right guys want. And so what does Mr Right want? It could be argued that there’s an easy answer to that question. Mr […] Read more »