How Do You Know If He Loves You?

17 Ways He Shows He Loves You

It’s no secret that men and women express love in different ways. A woman in a fairly new relationship may assumes her guy is not in love with her and it’s all one sided, just because he hasn’t said the words. But one important factor to remember is that men […] Read more »

When NOT To Say “I Love You”

When Not To Say I Love You

Loving someone is a good thing, right? So, is “I love you” ever the wrong thing to say to a guy? Too right, it is! Here are 12 situations, when the words should never cross your lips. 1 When You Haven’t Known Him Long Enough Until you truly know a […] Read more »

Love Quotes – Love Is One Of Those Things…

Love Quote: The More You Give Away

  “Love is one of those things where the more you give away, without expecting anything in return, the more you receive” Our capacity to love is endless. You can love a guy, a whole brood of children, family and friends and still have enough for the world in general. […] Read more »

Does Love Change You?

The Best Love quote

“The best love is one that makes you a better person without changing you into someone other than yourself” This is one of those quotes about change and love that makes me ponder. Does love really change us? And should it? With such powerful emotion going on, love is bound […] Read more »