Second Step To A Great Relationship

Second Step To A Great Relationship

In case you missed it, we looked at the first step to a great relationship (whether you are already in a relationship or not) last week. You can catch up with that here. This week it’s the turn of the second step, and again this applies whether you think you […] Read more »

20 Different Types Of Kisses

20 types of kisses

If anyone had asked me about how many types of kiss there were I’d have probably guessed about 10 and not been able to name them either, but has gone to the trouble of creating an infographic of twenty different types of kisses that’s may even be safe for […] Read more »

Secrets Of Happy Couples

Secrets of happy couples

I love this “Secrets of Happy Couples” infographic from because it sums up so much about happy relationships in one picture.  I also like it because it makes me think that anyone can have a happy marriage if they follow the guidelines (though admittedly it does have to be […] Read more »

Love Bets To Spice Things Up

Love Bets: 300 Wagers To Spice Up Your Love Life

Let’s face it, a lot of life can be boring and routine, no matter how many trips we go on and how many events and dates we set up to spice things up. Some things just have to be endured like that duty visit to the in-laws or the company […] Read more »

Is Technology Ruining Relationships?

You see them everywhere. People out on dates, looking at their phone screens rather than each other. You see couples not talking because one of them is doing email while they are out and about. The pesky smart phone has even crept into my home to my dismay and is […] Read more »

10 Bad Times To Talk To Your Guy

Although everyone knows that communication is vital in a relationship or marriage, most guys would prefer it if they never had to have one of those serious talks that can be tough to work through. But given it has to be done to keep your relationship healthy, there are some […] Read more »

When He Doesn’t Support Your Diet

You know how it is when you decide to lose weight. You want to feel better about yourself. You want to look and feel great. You think your guy will love the new you. So how come it’s common for guys not to encourage you in your efforts? Sometimes they […] Read more »

Quick Relationship Tip: Get Enough Sleep

Get Enough Sleep

We all know that feeling of not getting enough sleep. Without plenty of rest, you feel exhausted, like you can’t drag yourself through the day, everything gets you down, sex is the last thing on your mind and you’re spoiling for a fight. Not great is it when it comes […] Read more »