7 (More) Ways To Know If Your Relationship Is Healthy

Signs you're in a good relationship

Part Two If your relationship passed the seven criteria yesterday (see PART ONE: Are You In A Good Relationship?) you have a good solid foundation for moving forward into the future. But there is more to having a healthy relationship than those seven signs including a few more that are […] Read more »

Are You In A Good Relationship?

Signs you're in a good relationship

Not all relationships are created equal. If you look around at your friends you probably have a good idea about who is in a good relationship and who isn’t – although it’s not always easy for an outsider to tell. What about your own relationship? Do you consider it good? […] Read more »

Relationship Tip: What To Say On A Bad Day

Guys are notoriously bad at making us feel better when we’re having a bad day. They just don’t seem to get it. The heel fell off your new shoe, you had a telling off at work and you got soaked because you missed the bus and they are no use […] Read more »

How Do You Know If He’s Stringing You Along?

If you like a guy, it’s easy to tell yourself things are fine and ignore what’s going on. You want so much for something good to come from your time together that you don’t want to know that all is not well. But if you’re starting to suspect he’s not […] Read more »

How To Make Your Bedroom A Love Nest

Make your bedroom a love nest

If you want great sex, it’s well worth making a bit of effort to spruce up your bedroom so you have a place where you and your lover feel comfortable and at ease, especially as most changes are relatively easy to make, requiring only a bit of creativity and a […] Read more »

25 Winter Date Ideas

Winter is an enjoyable time of the year for those who like the crisp cold, snow covered streets, and darkness that sets in earlier than the rest of the year. But the weather does get in the way of some types of dates. Having said that, winter doesn’t mean that […] Read more »

Just Good Friends Or Something More?

just good friends

There’s a guy you get on really well with, and though you’re not romantically attached, you start wondering if there’s more to your relationship than just being good friends who hang out together. You like him, you’re just not sure. And even if you could get your own head straight […] Read more »