Alternative Date Night To Keep Passion Alive

alternative date night

I have been listening to a number of relationship experts and therapists at an online conference over the past couple of days with all their wild and wonderful theories. Many of the ideas seem a little remote from the practical day-to-day reality of being in a relationship with a real […] Read more »

7 Secrets To Amazing Sex

seven secrets to amazing sex

Amazing sex is something we can all aspire to. You don’t have to be young or supermodel material or double-jointed. Discover how to light the spark in your own sex life by taking a look at the guest post I wrote for Singles Warehouse. If you thought amazing sex was […] Read more »

Are Guys Only After One Thing?

Are guys only after one thing?

I hear women still searching for Mr Right complaining all the time that guys only seem to be after one thing. Is that true? Are men only after one thing? While men think about sex a lot, it’s not the only thing they care about. It’s just a big thing! […] Read more »

How To Talk About Sex

How To Talk About Sex

Sex is not always the easiest subject in the world to talk about. Often, the person you’re having sex with is the person that you feel like talking to the least. That’s because you know you are entering a minefield as soon as you open your mouth. Just look at […] Read more »

Top Ten Things NOT To Say In Bed To Your Guy

what not to say in bed

If you have taken the “23 Things not to say to Your Man” on board, your task is not yet over. Here are another ten things not to say – specifically those things you should not say to any guy (at any stage) between the sheets, if you want your […] Read more »

THE Secret To Great Sex

Number 1 Secret To Great Sex

There’s one sure thing that can make all the difference to your sex life and here it is. Drum roll… If you’re going to have sex, don’t be half-hearted. Be one hundred percent behind your decision, whether you’re having sex for the first time with your guy, it’s a one […] Read more »

Have Fun! Homemade Chocolate Body Paint Recipe

homemade chocolate body paint recipe

If you love chocolate, then you may have been tempted by one of the ready-made jars of chocolate body paint that seem to proliferate in gift stores and chocolate shops around Valentine’s Day. While you can have lots of sticky fun with those, the chocolate is generally pretty icky and […] Read more »

How to Boost Your Sex Drive

How To Boost Your Sex Drive

According to the American Medical Association several million women in the US suffer from low libido (or lack of sex drive) something they now call “female sexual arousal disorder” or FSAD. Some estimates according to even put it as high as 43% of women. That’s an F (excuse my […] Read more »

Nice Girls Do! Release Your Inhibitions

Nice girls do! Lose your inhibitions

Many of us were brought up with the idea that nice girls are not supposed to like sex. If your parents tutted when anything slightly risqué came on TV (or switched off the set), if sex was never talked about or your religion forbade it, then you might have the […] Read more »