Get In The Mood With Erotic Books

erotics berotic bookerotic books to help get you in the mood

If the spark has gone out of your love life, because you never feel in the mood these days, then a little light reading might be the very thing to get you back on track. It’s often said that the sex drive for men begins in their pants, while that […] Read more »

Why You Should Sleep Naked With Your Man

sleep naked

What do you wear in bed? You’d be surprised at the range of answers to that question – or maybe you wouldn’t, given your own dressing for bed habits. But the answer “nothing at all” is rare in couples who have got into a rut in the bedroom. The thing […] Read more »

4 Ways To Boost Your Love Life With The Past

If things have become humdrum between the sheets, it’s usually because you’ve forgotten what excited you about your man when you first met. There will be many things about him that made you want to bed him and wed him – or just bed him! Why were you attracted to […] Read more »

Make Time For Sex

make time for sex

What do you mean you don’t have time for sex? If you want to keep the spark in your love life alive, (or reignite a flame that shows signs of going out), you have to make time. Not having time is a major cause of things going wrong in your […] Read more »