Celebrate International Kissing Day

According to Google tomorrow, July 6th 2014, is International Kissing Day. I’m not sure where they get all these special days from. I’m convinced they just pluck them out of thin air. But anyway, now you know about it, I’m sure you want to be prepared to mark the occasion in style 🙂

Celebrate International Kissing DayHere are ten great ways to celebrate International Kissing Day.

  1. Kiss your friends and family when you greet them on both cheeks as if you were born in Paris and not in London/New York/Outer Mongolia
  2. Kiss your partner like you mean it and as if it’s a promise of more to come.
  3. Watch a movie you are already familiar with together with the one you love. Each time a particular character in the movie is mentioned, or a particular recurring phrase exchange a kiss. It won’t matter how much of the movie you miss if you already know what happens.
  4. Kiss someone you treasure gently on the eyelids or the tip of the nose or the back of their neck.
  5. Remind your partner of where you had your first kiss.  If the mood takes you (and it’s physically possible where you’re now living) reenact it.
  6. Wear lipstick and leave a kiss mark on his cheek then take a photo for the album.
  7. See if you can set a personal record for the longest kiss you’ve ever had with your partner.
  8. Climb to the top of the highest hill in your area and kiss right at the top or get yourself to a fairground and kiss at the top of the ferris wheel.
  9. When your guy is next wearing a tie, pull him closer by grabbing hold of it and give him a big kiss.
  10. Kiss him in a spot you’ve never kissed him before like his elbow or knee or try one of the kiss from this 20 types of kissing infographic.

Note from Ana: If you’re feeling left out by most of these suggestions  because you don’t have a partner, vow to change that by next international kissing day, and start looking for love in all the right places. Get yourself out and about, have fun and meet lots of people without putting yourself under pressure. For a whole strategy for finding and attracting Mr Right, see my book 182 Best Places To Meet Men – Get the Guy You Want

Over to you: Have you heard of international kissing day? Do you have any more fun tips for celebratory kisses? Please share in the comments below

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  1. Rachel says:

    My husband will be very happy lol with the lots and lots of kisses coming his way x

  2. Absolutely delightful, dear Ana! If it weren’t for the UBC, I would not only know about the BIG DAY tomorrow, but I never would have been revealed to your world. I have to say that this whole thing is enlightening and fun.

    Will definitely try to implement your recommendations tomorrow and the next day and there after …
    THANKS and big HUGS <3

  3. Those are some great ideas. Like you, I’m sure they come up with these dates out of thin air. Who even thought of the idea of an International Kissing Day?
    Alexandria Ingham recently posted…What Happens If You Have an Idea for Your Freelance Blogger?

  4. Sophie Bowns says:

    I’m single soooo…..
    *Sad face*
    Number 3 would be cute though!
    Sophie Bowns recently posted…Teddy- Chapter 53

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