Does Love at First Sight Exist?

The idea of falling in love at first sight has been around forever. It features in early Greek literature and is a recurrent theme in all kinds of romantic plays, books and movies to this day.

Does Love at First Sight Exist?But the question remains, do people really fall in love ‘at first sight’ or is it just something we’ve come to believe by reading or watching countless movies, novels, and soap operas?

Is it just that we just like the idea of fate playing a hand in our romantic lives?

Some truth in it

It fact, when you look at phenomenon of love at first sight more closely, there is some truth in it.

Researchers have been studying the science behind this kind of instant attraction. It seems many more senses than just sight are at play in those first moments of meeting someone that tell our brain if the person you just met is “right” for you.

Attraction is based on smell, sound, the way you feel a ‘connection’ to the other person, as well as their looks.

But it’s not so much love as intense lust or attraction at first sight at that stage. You’ve met someone who has pushed all the right buttons in your brain.

Your feel-good hormones go into overdrive within the first few minutes (even seconds) of meeting someone you find highly desirable, and it’s those hormones that make you feel like you fell head over heels in love.

what comes after

But when it comes to long-lasting love, it’s what comes after the first few moments that really count. Those feelings of attraction and possibly even love can come like a flash, but can burn out just as quickly.

While there are success stories of couples who got together quickly and stayed together for years, there’s no point rushing into a long term relationship or marriage based on initial feelings of attraction when you don’t even know each other. Time will tell if those feelings are just based on sexual desire, or if you’re soul mates who finally found each other.

Just as with those who take longer to fall in love, a “love at first sight” relationship takes time and work to make it last. There are enough couples around where one or both partners fell in love at first sight and they’re just as in love years later. But there are also many where the feelings petered out over time.

Love at first sight is a lovely romantic way to start a relationship if things work out, so if you’re one who has never experienced that instant overwhelming attraction, and then had it turn into something deeper, try not to be too skeptical of those who say they have.

All love is good

Don’t worry, no type of love is superior to any other no matter how it starts.

I liked the look of my husband when I met him but I wouldn’t say it was “love at first sight.” In the past, I have experienced that intense feeling of falling for a guy in an instant and feeling he was “the one” (he wasn’t!) yet I wouldn’t swap my husband for anyone after many years together, so trust me when I say it’s the outcome that matters not the beginning!

Over to you: Have you ever experienced love at first sight? Did it turn into a long term relationship? Please share in the comments below

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  1. What an amazing explaination.. Yes this is all true, I personally experience this on my girlfriend and soon to be my wife.. How about “First Love Never Die?”
    Richard Harer recently posted…The Fact and Fiction about Private Investigation

  2. Alana says:

    My husband was only my second relationship. It wasn’t love at first sight, or even second – it developed more from a college friendship into an almost 40 year marriage. Despite that – I agree there can be love at first sight. And that “instant” connection isn’t just for romantic relationships, but for good friendships. For a couple of enduring friendships I’ve had, the friendship attraction was there from the very first time we interacted with each other.
    Alana recently posted…Don’t Cry Over Spilled Rum

    • Ana says:

      In some ways when love develops from friendship it has a more solid base as you don’t get carried away by the initial attraction, but as long as friendship eventually develops either way, it’s all good. I hadn’t thought about an instant connection between friends. They have always grown on me, so thanks for sharing your experience about that as well Alana. I’m sure this must happen to others too.
      Ana recently posted…How To Be More Confident In Three Steps

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