Get More Dates! How To Get Men To Approach You

Some women seem to have no difficulty at all in getting men to approach them, while others find it hard to even get a second look.

10 Ways To Get More DatesBut it’s not about looks alone. If you are hot, then you’ll get more attention, but you won’t necessarily get more dates or even more men hitting on you. It’s all about how you are perceived.

Here are ten tips that swing the balance in your favor and make it more likely that men will approach you and ask you out.

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A woman sitting alone with a pensive look often gets the guy talking to her in movies but rarely in real life. Men prefer a woman who is already smiling. She looks like she’s up for a good time, conversation, and a positive experience.


Be Open

Your body language says a lot about how open you are to being approached. Avoid crossing your arms, turning away from the man you’re interested in, or being too wrapped up in a conversation with your girlfriends.


See The Funny Side

If you look stressed or depressed, you’re not giving off good “talk to me” vibes. Take things with a smile and a laugh. If you’re having a serious conversation, he’s not going to get in the way of that. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t have serious conversations, just that you shouldn’t look like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders when you’re talking about the latest celebrity gossip, if you want to look approachable. And if you happen to have a clumsy moment, laughing about it makes him more likely to smile too, and ask if you are okay.


Eye Contact

Don’t be afraid to let him know you’re interested by looking him in the eyes. Don’t overdo it and creep him out, but if he’s looking, let him catch you looking back. It gives the right impression—that you’re open for a chat and maybe more.


Have Fun

Don’t go out “on the hunt” for someone but to have a good time. If you seem perfectly capable of enjoying yourself without chatting to prospective dates, you seem more interesting than someone who is scanning the room the whole time for guys who interest her. He wants to join in the fun not be the one who has all the responsibility of creating it all for you


Avoid The Crowd

If you’re out with more one or two friends, you’re in a crowd, which can often make a man feel intimidated about trying to get to know you. Make it easier on him by sticking to having just one girlfriend along when you’re interested in having men approach you. Make sure she’s a fun-loving type who won’t try to block men who come over.


Be Friendly To Everyone

If a man is interested in you, chances are that he’ll watch you for some time. If you’re friendly to everyone, he’s likely to conclude that you’d be friendly to him too, and it takes the fear out of saying “Hello”. In any case, a man isn’t looking for a woman who treats others badly, even if she is nice to him. And he’s definitely not looking for some kind of drama queen, who complains about every detail.


Don’t Be Dismissive

Men might not give a great impression in the first few seconds, so be willing to spend at least a few minutes chatting to anyone who makes a move, unless he’s totally obnoxious. If you don’t dismiss guys immediately that are not quite right for you, others will be less wary of approaching you.


Be Sexy But Not Too Sexy

Men do tend to react to how a woman is dressed. Wear something classy, yet flattering for your figure, and not too over-the-top revealing unless you’re looking for guys who have only one thing on their mind. Wear something you feel both good and comfortable in. See How To Dress Comfortably But Look Sexy for more ideas.


Be Confident

Look and behave in a way that says, “I like who I am and I’d like to get to know you to see if you’re worth knowing.” If you don’t think much of yourself, it’s difficult for others to think much of you either, even if they notice you at all. See How To Be More Confident In Three Steps for help with improving your confidence.

Note from Ana:Though this article is about how to get men to approach you, if you’re confident enough, you can always do the approaching yourself! There’s no harm in that, though some guys like to do their own chasing 🙂

Over to you: Do you have any tips for women on how to make it easier for guys to approach them? Please share in the comments below.

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  1. Hillary says:

    These are all great tips for getting more men to notice you, and I think these could work in other situations as well! 🙂 Thanks for posting!
    Hillary recently posted…I Had a Bad Day

  2. It’s so true … you never know who you will meet when you’re open. Great tips. THX

  3. Smile and be polite to everyone you meet. You never know where that love connection is going to come from. On the train, in a queue, in a shop. 🙂
    Victoria Virgo recently posted…Tiffany Lambert’s How to Launch a WSO on JVZoo Course – My Results

  4. Misty Spears says:

    Ana, I can officially admit I am addicted to your blog. lol I love your lists! This one is a great one and it’s true for meeting men but I swear it’s also true for keeping them. I follow so many of these on a regular basis with my husband all the time. I can’t tell you how many times my husband has been looking at me from the living room into the kitchen we catch each others eyes and just smile real big. He keeps me smiling constantly!
    Misty Spears recently posted…How to Eat Hemp Hearts (Shelled Hemp Seeds)

    • Ana says:

      Thanks Misty! You can tell I love those lists too 🙂 I didn’t think about these things working when you’re in a relationship too, but you’re right – they do. Smile, be open, be positive, be approachable, look good etc etc – could well be how to keep your guy happy 🙂
      Ana recently posted…Relationship Success – Depth Not Duration

  5. Salma says:

    Great list Ana. Some many of these we can use everyday on a regular basis like, smile, have a positive body image and be friendly!
    Salma recently posted…Frozen Yogurt Drops

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