How To Bring The Spark Back Into A Relationship

If things are less than steamy in the bedroom these days, it’s time to put the spark back into your relationship and make it sizzling hot again. In this article series, we explore the many ways you can do exactly that.
How to bring the spark back in a relationship


Find The Time

Life has a hideous tendency to get in the way of good loving. We are all busy. The problem is we are all busy doing things other than having fun between the sheets. If you don’t make time for loving your man, then you are telling him where he belongs on your priority list and it’s not a pretty picture. It’s a wonder that divorce statistics aren’t higher than they already are.

If you recognize that you never have time for sex, then at least you are aware of the problem and you can do something about it. See Make Time For Sex for 7 ways to find the time and kick start your love life again.


Down Memory Lane

Remember the good times with your man in bed and out to reawaken loving feelings. Here are four ideas for things you can do to stir up feelings that haven’t been stirred for a while: Boost Your Love Life By Remembering The Good Times.


Cozy Up In Bed

The fewer barriers there are to sex and the more skin to skin contact you have with your man the better, if you want to rekindle your relationship. You can do it all by sleeping in the nude. Reluctant to try? Here’s why you shouldn’t dismiss the idea out of hand and how to go about it if you decide to give your sex life a boost in that way: Why You Should Sleep Naked To Bring Back The Spark In Your Love Life.


Passionate Prose

If you find it hard to get in the mood these days, one way to get back those sexy feelings that are essential to enjoying your time in the bedroom is to fire up your imagination with an erotic novel or two. There are lots of books out there specially for women and you can get even find them offered for free by the publishers. See Get In The Mood With Erotic Books for more on getting back those loving feelings with a saucy read.

How to bring the spark back into a relationship

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Don’t Wait, Initiate

When it comes to improving things in your relationship, it’s no good waiting for your other half to get the message through telepathy and suddenly come over all passionate, or loving or romantic or whatever you want him to do. You have to take the initiative.

And if you want your love life to improve, you might as well take responsibility for getting things going or you might wait a lifetime. There was no doubt a time when a certain look was enough of an invitation, but if your love life has got in a rut, you’ll need to be more direct so he picks up the right signals.

If you’re not sure how to initiate sex, don’t worry, there are plenty of subtle and not so subtle ways you can let your man know you’re ready for some good loving. See How To Initiate Sex With Your Man for 12 of the best.


Fun And Games

If you’ve forgotten how to have sheer unadulterated fun in the bedroom, introduce a few games that will help you get back on track and add more than a little spice to your relationship. If you’ve never played before, you’ll find four ways to introduce games into the bedroom right here: Bedroom Games To Inject Some Sexy Fun Into Your Love Life.


Don’t Get Resentful

It’s often said that women want the hearts and flowers of romance to feel loved, while men want sex. If the loving gestures dry up over time (as they often do), don’t withdraw from your guy in a fit of pique. There’s no point feeling resentful and cutting off the love for the sake of a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates. That’s not what real love is made of. Take a look at “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff In Love” for more on this.


Look After Your Looks

Although you don’t need to be a twenty-two year old beauty queen to be sexy, no guy is going to lust after you if you slob around with unwashed hair and shapeless clothes, and it isn’t going to put you in a sexy mood either. Have you let things slide, taking his ongoing affection for granted? See Take The Test: Have You Let Yourself Go?


Don’t Be A Drain

There are two types of people in the world: radiators and drains. Drains are always complaining and seeing the negative side to everything, whereas radiators are upbeat, tending to laugh at their own mistakes and smile at their woes. If you are constantly complaining to your guy about what a bad day you had, the awful people in your office and how fed up you are, it can drain the passion right out of your relationship. Don’t let every day be a bad day. Take a look at Hot Relationship Tip: 7 Ways To Be More Positive. Your guy will want to spend more time with you in and out of bed and you’ll enjoy your life more in other ways too!

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  1. Kim says:

    Great suggestions for putting the spark back into the relationship! You hit upon a real key point, I think, and that is the personal responsibility. It’s so easy to say it would be different if he would do this, or circumstances are different, but your suggestions allow ways over those barriers by taking responsibility and action. Thanks for sharing at NOBH!

    • Ana says:

      Thanks Kim. You’re right, I am all for taking personal responsibility. I think that’s my coaching training from about ten years back coming out 🙂 The trainers kept emphasizing that you can’t really change anything other than what you do yourself and how you react to things. But I do find when I take action, it makes my husband sit up and notice LOL

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