My Husband’s New Bad Habit

Technology is out to get me, I’m convinced.

together but not togetherI thought there was nothing so bad as my husband’s habit of constantly taking control of the remote and switching over TV channels just as something caught my interest.

But now another gadget has come out of the woodwork causing me to mutter and gripe.

What is this new beast?

It’s a Samsung Smartphone. He’s had it for quite a few months, but it’s just started to annoy me. I think he’s got a little bit too addicted to it. There’s something constantly catching his eye, whether it’s sports results, breaking news, incoming emails or Facebook updates.

Not that I begrudge him staying in touch with everyone or having an interest in what’s going on in the world. He often shares news and fun stuff he finds with me, and that’s great. And I have to admit that his cellphone has so many useful functions, that I ended up getting one too. It plays music. It calculates. It forecasts the weather. It connects with Chromecast and streams Netflix through the TV. I’m sure it would do a lot more if we asked it to.

But his phone is just there ALL the time demanding attention. I’ve had to ban it from the dining table, but it still comes out now and again. We’ll be talking about a movie we saw and can’t remember who was in it, and he’ll check that. Or the boys will ask something, and he’ll want to get the answer for them. And so I let that go, because it’s adding to the conversation rather than detracting from it.

Last night I blew up when I noticed he was skimming through screens when we were supposed to be watching TV together. He had one eye on the TV and the other on the phone.

I’m not even sure why it makes me angry – as he said, it wasn’t affecting my viewing of the show, but I was definitely annoyed. Oh dear!

He put the phone away anyway, and all was sweetness and light two minutes later. But this issue is bound to blow up again – I don’t want to get so that we are living in parallel universes each of us immersed in our devices. Still mulling over my thoughts on this.

What do you think? It could be worse couldn’t it? Maybe I should just lighten up. Does your guy have a Smartphone and how much does he use it? Please share in the comments below

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  1. Angelica says:

    I can see how annoying this can be. Unfortunately I have the same problem as your husband! I’m always looking up things on my phone, checking emails, I need learn to be more engaged.
    Angelica recently posted…Easter Brunchin

  2. Donna Ward says:

    It is funny and my own husband (doesn’t want a smart phone, YET) – is on the internet and very focused — I think it’s that he’s just brain dead after a stressful day at work…so I’m ok — but, we do spend our morning and get home from work time before the internet goes on. lol
    Donna Ward recently posted…The Law of Attraction and Business

    • Ana says:

      Thanks Donna. I suppose that’s a bit like giving him space to be alone when he needs it without pestering him. I’m okay with that. He gets plenty of space (like now when I’m online tucked away in my little office/woman cave LOL) It’s when we’re supposed to be spending time together that it’s annoying.
      Ana recently posted…Does Love at First Sight Exist?

  3. Ana! Love that you talk about this horrible phenomenon negatively impacting happy homes everywhere. I realize that my hubs reads the news on his phone, but I would SO prefer seeing a newspaper instead of a smartphone. When people are on devices (computer or phone) it sends a message that everything else is unimportant. Even if that’s not the intention. Reminds me of “Hands Free Mama”, but for men.

  4. I would probably be the annoying one if I didn’t live alone but I hope with real human company I’d be able to enjoy that more!

    However, I did notice a few weeks ago, taking my mum out for Mother’s Day lunch, a couple on a nearby table…not talking to each other but both constantly checking their phones…at one point they even moved table to get a better signal!

    It’s fast becoming the age of technology addiction!

    Visiting from the Ultimate Blog Challenge )
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