Living Together Before Marriage

When I first met my husband we were post graduate students together in the same town but after six months our new careers took us to different places, and it took almost two years of long-distance hassle before we were together again.

At that point, we moved in together, then bought a house together, then married pretty soon after that and have never been apart since.

So my view of whether living together is a good idea is colored a bit by that. I think it’s a good idea and much better than living over a hundred miles apart! I like the idea of living with someone before tying the knot so that you can see how you rub along together when you’re not on your best behavior. My view is that you never really know someone until you live with them.

This infographic from shows a different view. But remember it’s only statistics. Every relationship is different! Click To View Infographic

Turn A Bad Day Into A Good One

All kinds of bad things may happen to good people at some point, but typical run-of-the-mill bad days are not full of disastrous events. Sometimes we just have one of those days when nothing terrible happens but little things that don’t go our way put us in a bad mood.

Snuggling Makes You Feel BetterWhen that happens you may be tempted to take out your bad mood on those around you, especially on those who are closest to you.

If you can find a way to turn your mood around without sniping at anyone, it will help to keep your relationships sweet, and help the five to one positive ratio you need.

So what can you do?


Listen To Music You Love

Just 15 minutes listening to your favorite music has been shown to have a positive effect on your mood.


Do Someone A Good Turn

Anything that you do for others will help you feel better. Make someone else’s day better and improve your own.


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Top 11 Biggest Complaints Women Have About Online Dating

Although a huge percentage of people find their partner on an Internet dating site, online dating is not all wine and roses.

Complaints Women Have About Online DatingIf you are considering joining a dating site, you should be aware of the complaints women typically have about online dating so that you are not unduly put off as soon as you start.

You may be lucky and not have any of these problems, but chances are high that you will not be one of the lucky ones. Just persevere and don’t let these things put you off, and you are more likely to have success in your dating venture. Good guys are on there. You just have to unearth them!

Here are the biggest complaints women have.


Men Don’t Look Like Their Picture

While looks aren’t the most important part of starting a relationship, meeting someone who is nothing like his profile picture can be very disappointing. The clearer the picture the less likely it is to be a fake but some guys post pictures taken some time ago when they were much fitter and had hair. Don’t ever fall in love with a picture or profile. Wait until you meet the guy in person.


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Three Things Late

My three things are a little late this week because we have just returned from a week-long vacation to the Greek Island of Zakynthos (also known as Zante). I scheduled most of my posts ahead of time but I couldn’t really schedule this one 🙂

Anyway now that I’m back, here are my three thoughts for last week, based on the original idea for three things I read about on Salma’s blog The Write Balance with her “Three Things Thursday”.

Three Little Things To Share



I am always busy doing something and find it hard to switch off but that week of enforced relaxation lying for hours in the sun (well, under the shade of a tree/parasol anyway) was great. I really needed it after cramming two weeks work into one before I left!

I find when I do switch off I get so many ideas that I know I should do more relaxing the rest of the time. But then I get back and there’s all the laundry to be done and 3000 emails and all my good intentions disappear. Someone needs to capture that relaxation thing and bottle it.


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Four Signs A Guy Is Attracted To You

You can easily tell if a guy is attracted to you if he asks you out on a date or, even more so, if he asks you to move in with him or marry him!

Four Signs A Guy Is Attracted To YouBut perhaps you want to know before that, perhaps before you get to know him? Or perhaps you have a friend you’d like to get to know romantically and you’re not sure if he sees you that way.

Can you tell if a guy is attracted to you then?

According to Matthew Hussey author of “Get the Guy” you can do that because there are some tell-tale signs that he thinks you are hot.

Here are the four signs a guy is attracted to you that Matthew outlines in the video below. Read more »