A Perfect Wedding?

It’s funny how a bride and groom think very differently about their wedding day. And the Bride versus Groom infographic from DesignMantic at the end of this post sums it up nicely.

A Perfect Wedding?Why is it that quite composed calm women turn into some kind of Bridezilla once they name the day with every detail subject to painstaking planning and stress whereas guys sail through it all without a care (unless they are told by the bride-to-be they need to take an interest, or else)?

I can’t really moan – I had a lovely wedding myself though I didn’t stress about anything too much. I didn’t have time to get involved in too much detail because of my job.

Also living 250 miles from where we married I relied on others to choose many of the items with the result that not much other than my dress and the color scheme were my choice in the end.

I sometimes think it’s a shame they didn’t have Pinterest in my day. That has so many lovely ideas for weddings.

But then I would have been green with envy over all those luscious pictures and would have stressed about having something equally as lovely for the cake, invitations, chair covers, flowers, favors, decorations, bridesmaids dresses, gifts for the ushers etc etc ad infinitum …

What is sad is that often a lot more thought goes into a wedding than into a marriage and the commitment that is being made. But then I don’t think there’s any more thought from the guys in that respect despite them not getting involved in the detail of the wedding. Most of us just go into it hoping for the best. I know, I did.

Anyway enjoy this Perfect Wedding Bride Versus Groom infographic.

Bride Versus Groom

Over to you: What do you think of the current trend for expensive weddings? If you are married, what kind of wedding did you have? Please share in the comments below

Bride Image Credit: © Depositphotos.com/sergkondritskiy

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  1. Christy says:

    I love your inforgraphic. It’s too cute. And totally spot on. =)
    Christy recently posted…Home: The Key To Healing

  2. That picture summed it all up. And though I am not married one thing I would like to add is that the weddings must more of a personal affairs with more of emotions rather than a display of wealth. And here in India weddings are more of a show off and that is why they are called the Big Fat Indian Weddings.
    Reema D’souza recently posted…I will fly!

  3. I believe that wedding is a matter of hearts and do not believe in going extravanza though no harm in making it an affair to remember..like to keep it simple and fun. Love the infography..awesome:)

    Here my UBC prompt:
    vishalbheeroo recently posted…Blowing my trumpet and tit-bit from my life

  4. Emily says:

    The picture above has summarized it very well. Weddings are bringing two loved ones together so I think they should not be expensive.

    • Ana says:

      Thanks for your comment Emily. I don’t have a problem with expensive weddings as an idea, just that these days many couples feel they have to have a expensive wedding that is beyond their means. Simple weddings can be just as wonderful and romantic as expensive ones, and often more so.
      Ana recently posted…Four Signs A Guy Is Attracted To You

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