Relationship Tips: Do You Know Your Own Power?

Sometimes you don’t even know your own strength. You’re totally unaware of how much power you wield.

Do You Know Your Own PowerBut you see, once a guy loves you and cares for you, especially if he marries you, you have an almost magical hold over him.

No it’s not sex – whether or not you use sex as a hold over your guy is a whole different ball game (no pun intended).

What I mean is, the power of your words.

And, like all those with super powers in the movies, you can use your strength to destroy or you can use it for the good of mankind.

What do I mean?

You have more power than you can possibly imagine to build up the people that love you or to tear them down.

Many times, things will come out of your mouth without thinking, and your guy will be desperately wounded. His pride may not allow him to say a word, but you can be sure he will be gutted.

And I don’t mean big stuff like “I don’t love you any more” or “I’m having an affair” – I mean things like “Why can’t you be like Josie’s husband and take me out more” or “I don’t suppose you’re ever going to get promoted”

Every time you say something that means you don’t value him or respect him, you are wounding him.

If you want more examples just look at 23 things not to say to your man.

But it’s not all negative.

You also have the power to build your guy up and make him feel great. You don’t have to lie or be insincere, just let him know that you noticed that he did something for you or how great he looked at the party or how much you appreciated that he cooked dinner because you were tired.

To do that, you have to notice all the good things about him. And that has not only a positive effect on him, but also on you and how you feel about your life and your relationship.

It’s too easy to think (even if you don’t say it) that your guy is bad at this or not as good as other men at that. Over time an invisible wall of resentment builds up, that can make you love him less and take away the strength in your marriage or relationship. It can wear away everything that’s good, like water dripping on a rock, and bring you both down, negative thought by negative thought.

Instead, start looking for good things about him every day. They are likely to be the things you take for granted and never normally notice. What would you miss if he was not there? His comforting presence in bed? His silly stories? His smile? Even his grumpiness about this or that? The fact that he cares for you?

Once you’ve noticed those good things about him and having him in your life, tell him. Don’t keep it to yourself.

In fact, you can use the power of your words – your Superwoman powers – to make him feel like Superman and together you can take on the world.

Over to you: Do you notice all the good things your guy does for you enough? Why not spend the day noticing? Please share your thoughts in the comments below

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