Sexy Bucket List Ideas

A bucket list is a list of things you want to experience before you die (from the slang term “kicking the bucket”). People usually list places they want to go, things they want to see, people they want to meet, items they want to own and activities they want to try out.

sexy bucket list ideasA sexy bucket list is a list of all the sexual experiences you want to have. It is likely to grow in time with each great experience you have, as you think of more things to add, or you become more daring/less inhibited about knowing what you really want.

If you have a partner, you can make a joint list and then have fun getting to complete each item on it, adding more – and never, ever getting to the end! It’s a great way to keep sex a talking point between you, keeping the spark alive in your relationship – and what fun you will have!

It’s also a great replacement for the “Honey Do” List – instead of getting him to put up shelves and unblock the bathroom sink – get professionals in to do that, and make sure your man has time and energy for crossing items off your sexual bucket list instead – and it’s sure to make you both happier than nagging him about the DIY chores!

If your guy has anything on his list you’re not too keen on (but not grossed out completely by) put it down as a “maybe”. You never know when you might change you mind and want to try something.

Here are some ideas to help fire up your imagination and kick start your naughty bucket list.


People You’d Like To Have Sex With

This may be a list of one, if you have an existing partner, but I won’t judge your fantasies as long as you are both OK with them! If you’ve not found the guy for you, you might have a longer list

  • with someone you are madly in love with
  • with someone you’re married to
  • with a stranger
  • with a foreigner
  • with a celebrity
  • with someone younger (but legal!) / older
  • in a threesome

Places You’d Like To Have Sex

Remember and take care if you decide on somewhere that will get you in trouble if you get caught!

  • Think geography (Paris, Barcelona, New York)
  • Think location (on an ocean liner, on a plane, in a lift, in the car, on a train, in the sea, in a tent, in front of a mirror, in your childhood bedroom (provided your parents have not moved house LOL), in a hot tub, in a castle, in a four poster bed, on a picnic)
  • Think terrain (on a beach, on top of a mountain, in a wood)
  • Think room (in an empty room at a party, in the shower, on the stairs, in the laundry room, every room in your house!)

Times You’d Like To have Sex

  • On the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve or during 4th July fireworks
  • Watching the sunrise/sunset
  • With a thunderstorm raging outside
  • When you’re snowed in/in the snow (don’t get frost-bite!)
  • In the rain
  • In broad daylight/in the moonlight


  • Have sex X times in one day/evening/week
  • Have a planned no sex week/month and then make up for it
  • Have a quickie against the wall
  • All night long
  • Have a dirty weekend away in a hotel and never leave the room


Get a book of sexual positions and mark down every one you’d like to try on your bucket list – or have on your list “Try all the positions in that book!”



Take a look at a site that sells sex toys online and pick out the ones you’d like to try, but also think of other items you might play with – ice, feathers, whipped cream – and put down what you’d like to do with them.


Anything Goes

With this category pop down anything you feel like trying or experiencing. If you run out of ideas, read a few erotic books to get your imagination going – you may find your list growing exponentially! Here are a few to start you off

  • Go skinny dipping
  • Have sex wearing a corset/stockings or nothing but heels
  • Dress up as a nurse/secretary/policewoman whatever his fantasy is
  • Reenact specific scenes from 50 Shades of Grey (get tied up, spanked etc)
  • Have really loud, uninhibited sex
  • Talk dirty
  • Turn up at his house wearing nothing but a coat
  • Have phone sex or send sexy text messages
  • Have sex blindfolded
  • Do a strip tease/pole dance
  • Pose for a camera
  • Try tantric sex
  • Watch a porn movie together (or make one for your eyes only)
  • Give him the best BJ of his life
  • Have him give you a top to toe massage
  • Have a multiple or mutual orgasm
  • Use chocolate body paint

What Do You Think? Anything to Add?


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